Area Code 904

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Area code: 904
State: Florida
Country: USA
14, Nov. 2018

I receieved a call from this organization also .

14, Nov. 2018

My mobile phone just went off and the Caller ID said #. I would not answer but maybe I should. Should I pick up the phone call?

14, Nov. 2018

The surroundings was rather chilly and I wanted to get home as soon as possible. When I now the mobile phone rang once and when I answered the call there was total silence on the other end. I am still shivering with the chilly weather and the silent calls made me feel even worse.

14, Nov. 2018

I continue to get telephone calls from a company during weekends. They won't stop phoning. When I call to insist that they cease and desist, nobody picks up. I don't even know the man that owes the bill. I can't wait for these phone calls to stop once and for all.

14, Nov. 2018

This afternoon, I got an odd telephone call. The voicemail didn't say anything about the caller's location or the caller's business. A rep from Central Credit Services picked up when I phoned back. That seemed strange to me .

14, Nov. 2018

On Sunday, Central Credit Services called me. Why would @ call us ? Is it possible to know what is going on?

14, Nov. 2018

I keep getting collection calls on my mobile phone. No credit card company has my number. Anyways, I don't owe that company any money.

14, Nov. 2018

I had a credit card from Central Credit Services but it doesn't have a balance due. What do you think they want with me? These telephone calls get me on edge.

14, Nov. 2018

I'm not sure about a telephone call from Central Credit Services. I didn't pick up because I was at the hair salon. Why would this place call us?

14, Nov. 2018

“Central Credit Services” had telephoned me seven days ago on my ecllular phone and had left his new phone number. He said that he had never given any telephone calls. I was stunned as there was no two words that the voice belonged to “@” I checked on te cell number and to my surprise found out it was the same number. I thought of going to get this issue sorted by the Police as I have a very strong suspicion that he not being honest. All this time I was under the impression “@” was above board but now it seems ilke I will have to be careful dealing doing business with him as what he is upto looks strange. I also do not understand the purpose of the text messages. The cell calls did not come on the weekend.

14, Nov. 2018

It is rather unnerving that each and every time I am in the front garden I keep receiving these upsetting telephone calls on my cell phone in a sequence. However much I tell the business not to give mobile calls the agent does not attend to my request. Now my hobby is not gardening but getting them to listen and I am rather sad as my green garden is almost neglected without proper weeding. The telephone calls are simply coming from a company who is looking at the effects of Robo calls and all this time when I think of the energies I have taken and the minutes wasted I feel stupid.

14, Nov. 2018

I believe this caller is out of line, and I need to report them. Where should I turn in a complaint? What I know is stop it already.

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