Area Code 903

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Area code: 903
State: Texas
Country: USA
14, Nov. 2018

I hate to be disturbed when eating as I love to linger over my meals with a book in hand. I just hate to eat stale food. Now the dish tastes stale and the odor is unthinkable. I spent quite a bit in ordering the food. What a waste of ingredients.

14, Nov. 2018

Our phone goes off at least two times a week but won't say the name of the company What could I do ? I demanded to be put on their DNC dictionary, but they will not do it.

14, Nov. 2018

# telephoned my stepdad saying to phone about a credit card problem. Should we be worried?

10, Nov. 2018

Had three calls in a single week on my mobile phone. The company never leaves a voicemail. My mobile phone number is definitely part of the Do - Not - Call registry and I want these calls to end. I rhink that a company want to sell a product I would not need.

7, Nov. 2018

This is a dead call (no one is there when I answer) - when called back immediately hangs up.

6, Nov. 2018

The telephone calls from Capio Partners are getting on my nerves. I do not understand why they'd be phoning me. I don't have a single account with that bank.

6, Nov. 2018

I cannot seem to get this business to stop phoning my mobile phone. They're trying to find Carl but I don't know that dude. How should I force them to stop?

5, Nov. 2018

My cusin brother resides with us in our home and on almost on all days tosses away the hamburger he is eating in annoyance. My mothr is getting saddened by the amount of food that is being thrown away. When my Mother is worried it creates an unsettled atmosphere at home. Might need a drill to drive these thoughts in

5, Nov. 2018

I keep getting telephone calls from somebody wanting to sell me a product. Initially, I didn't care. I asked them for the information. This same phone number has telephoned me 8 times every week since. I always tell them to stop phoning me. How do I convince the caller to stop telephoning?

5, Nov. 2018

This company calls many times a day, usually in the late evening. The person is calling from a bill collection agency and screams at me to make a payment on a car loan debt that I never owed. I am sure this is a trick.

5, Nov. 2018

Burns & Carlisle called us to ask about if we would like to open a savings account. Love the bank, am not wild about the phone calls.

5, Nov. 2018

Geet tons of calls but no messages. If I don't pick up they call back within a minute. Annoying.

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