888-896-9395 (Scammers)

  • Don't send money without verifying the claims!
  • For the video on some common debt collector tactics: click here
  • Extreme threats are often a sign that the caller is a fake debt collector
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "United courier?, United Couriers "
  • Around 20% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
  • Please comment about the number using the form below. It will help us learn more about the scam and raise awarness.

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18, Jun. 2018

Can you please contact them and get them to stop calling me.

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27, Jun. 2018

They called with claim number and said you needed to call or the judge in my county can handle this. They wanted to verify my dob and number. I refused. They hung up

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29, Jun. 2018

Told me that I had to call and threaten with further action. When I called the number left in my voicemail it said every operator was busy then prompted me to dial in my password and press pound. On my caller ID ir said "American Airlines"

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3, Jul. 2018

This is believed to be a collection agency.they called from an unavailable phone number that stated someone would be at my house between 12-5 and that i needed 2 forms of ID and a witness. They left a phone number for me to call  I said i wanted to verify with the local sheriff office and she was extremely rude after that. Said I owed credit card money (which I do, and I know I do) and I was pathetic for trying to get out of it and hung up on me. I just wanted to verify that it wasn't a scam.

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11, Jul. 2018

Had this number call me yesterday and leave a voicemail saying that they would be at my place of employment within the hour and if not there then will be at my address and gave my address and to have two forms of id. I just heard the voicemail today and when I called they said it's about a credit card debt which I have already paid and that I will have documents delivered to me and then said if I can get paid in full letter then to call them back in 24 hours and I tried calling back just to see and it keeps saying all operators are busy right now please call back

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