Area Code 870

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Area code: 870
State: Arkansas
Country: USA
12, Feb. 2019

These calls are made from a variety of local numbers and usually are made several times per day at different times. I am unable to talk to anyone making calls or to get off their call list, It does not matter that I am on the do not call list they just keep calling.

11, Feb. 2019

Batesville, Arkansas Its exchange 834 is managed by SOUTHWESTERN BELL WIRELESS, LL The number is currently on switch number LTRKAR10CM0 (switch is a technical specification, provided here for phone hobbyists) You are the 1st person to search for it here. There has been a total of 0 comments left about the number. IT IS ANOTHER PHONE HOBBYIST BOTHERING ME!!!!!!!!!!

This is the same person reported using phone number 870-500-4931 and 870-305-1040. This deranged individual preys upon homosexual men claiming to be a billionaire. He especially enjoys harassing adult industry workers. He will go on for as long as you will listen about his problems ultimately hoping to lure you into his hotel. He will tell you that he’s at the four seasons or the Ritz Carlton or some very fancy hotel in your own in your area. Don’t be fooled. he’s not there and you will waste your time. Stay away from this dangerous man.

Joseph G
5, Jan. 2019

Still happening in Chicago Il USA in January of 2019

2, Dec. 2018

I receive calls from Commercial Collection Systems at random times but I don't know why they are phoning. This place phoned my mobile. I'm at loose ends.

2, Dec. 2018

How many occasions do I have to repeat myself thyat I do not want calls like this to come and the fellow not to call my business they simply go on telephoning. When I inquire from the representative who calls I only hear someone giggling on the other end. I have taken steps to lodge a complaint and simply say I don’t want similar mobile calls to continue and having records the firm keeps on telephoning. What sort of law is this?

30, Nov. 2018

This morning I got 4 mobile calls from a random “#” The individual who was calling was not at all clear and I had no clue of what he was talking about. As the last attempt, I raised my voice and inquired why he goes on telephoning when I simply cant get what he is trying to ask and the telephone calls are a waste of money and then he goes all silent. I tried to verify with the person who is telephoning about the particulars of the company and strangely from the other side I heard a series of giggles and then the line went dead.

29, Nov. 2018

This company has been calling my phone every day, and though I've told them to stop that I'm not the person they are colling for, they still calling.

21, Nov. 2018

I work municipal department and carry a Android phones. I constantly get many phone calls from this number. The day before yesterday evening asked to be put on their don't call list but they company broke the call before I provided the cell phone number. When I phoned back, the rep said the business already had the phone number I called from. I said that the business was calling the cell phone, but then I heard a click and disconnect. I called yet again to ask to talk to their chief. The rep said that there wasn't a chief and slammed down the phone.

21, Nov. 2018

Can I brong criminal charges against them?

20, Nov. 2018

Repeated calls from these people and no matter how we try to impress to them that this is a do not call number, we still get the calls.

19, Nov. 2018

When I told him today I would report him if he did not stop he arrogantly told me he would continue to call.

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