Area Code 865

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Area code: 865
State: Tennessee
Country: USA
21, Nov. 2018

Got nine calls in a single week on my mobile phone. The company never leaves a voicemail. My mobile phone number is included in the don't call list and I want these automated calls to stop. Could be a salesperson attempting to sell something I do not want.

20, Nov. 2018

same text, different phone numbers.

20, Nov. 2018

I am not sure who divulged our cell mobile numbers to the business. The inquirer seems not to know who I am in the association. I am positive that they wolud not bother to phone if they were aware. I have such a lot of work than answering silly phone cals a couple of instances a day. I am going to show my power nad stop this nonsense. Wish me luck!

20, Nov. 2018

These agets are very disgusting and I won't give them money over the phone. They told I owed $19 on my credit card which has raised up to $94. Is this situation fair? The collectors even have been phoning my family members. How can I sue them?

20, Nov. 2018

Jeff keeps getting telephone calls from this phone number and I don't know anybody with that name. It is against the TCPA cuz my my cell number is listed on the no-call registry. I can't stand these phone calls.

20, Nov. 2018

I have received tons of telephone calls from #. Why are they telephoning ?

20, Nov. 2018

Stop calling every Friday. The woman you are calling does not have this number.

19, Nov. 2018

Y,860,7018646,dead air.

4, Nov. 2018

A weird call came in yesterday afternoon. I could not find out where the telephone call was from. I called back and discovered it was B R S. That was odd.

31, Oct. 2018

(865) 413-3256 has been ringing my phone for the last 2 weeks. Today is 10/31/2018.. NEVER leaves a message and has phoned as late as 9:00 pm.. I am able to Block this number and that is what I am going to do. A total nuisance as I don't answer numbers I don't know; therefore they need to leave a message to get a return phone call. Thanks!

b. blake
22, Oct. 2018

Content concerned that we were being investigated for Tax fraud. That previous and numerous attempts to contact us were not successful, thus our case was being submitted to the courts! Attempted to call number back and it just rang and rang. Getting tired of these scam, robo calls; have had cable co. block certain calls but they seem to still get through. The latest is somehow using local numbers, which would be and sometimes are familiar to get an answer.

17, Oct. 2018

Extended car warranty scam.

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