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11, Feb. 2020

Subject matter of the call: The call was from Amanda at First National bank

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18, Feb. 2016

We get 2-3 auto calls per day from companies.

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19, May. 2014

This was a recorded call implying that I asked for them to call. I have received this call previously and told them not to call this number which is listed on the do not call registry.

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9, Apr. 2014

Same exact "alert" message but different phone # 9733685264. I didn't call back because I immediately realized it was a scam.

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23, Mar. 2014

SCAM: Atlantic F.C.U. Alert: Your VISA#488859 has been temporarily _ DEACTIVATED_. Please call our 24hrs line (862)303-3332.

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23, Mar. 2014

This type of call is being common and is not being enforced. Gov never tells if it was enforced, so I presume "do not call" has gone away as so many good efforts have.

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5, Jun. 2013

Received an SMS on my Google Voice number. Message stated: "Hey you,, its Sara let's talk on there.."