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21, May. 2019

This company has called several times, and according to the Internet is a known spammer.

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1, Apr. 2017

When I contacted her to ask her not to contact me again, she became irate and hateful.

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1, Apr. 2013

They call all the time, sometimes multiple times a day. They usually hang up as soon as we answer the phone. When we do get a person, I have asken them to stop calling our number twice, their response is that they will call back tomorrow.

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6, Aug. 2012

They call at least twice each day...have done so for about a month!

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10, May. 2012

called me, on my house phone, did not accept my call back; message was, not accepting calls at this time; first try to return call, said that it was a customer service and could not accept calls from an unknown recipient.

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29, Mar. 2012

Electric bill scam. Has texted twice since March 20th.