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9, Aug. 2018

Are you following up on my complaints?

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23, Jan. 2018

Woke up the family but hung up after I answered.

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16, Jan. 2018

This people call 20 times a day.

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12, Jan. 2018

said they are collecting donations for police organization

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16, Dec. 2016

Thanks for the information, I have no idea how they got my phone number, I have never donated via phone call. So I refused and asked them to remove my number from their call list. Is this really a charity scam? I will block this number too then...

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9, Dec. 2016

Called at 8:00pm, no message left.

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16, May. 2013

These people called twice. They insist they are not trying to sell anything. When I asked them how they can save me money, they said thank you and hung up on me.

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26, Apr. 2013

This was a recorded call. They appear to be asking for information. I got suspicious. They should not be allowed to do that, especially via recorded messages.