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2, Jul. 2019

never sends money for items. SCAM!!!

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17, Jun. 2019

I'm now receiving about 6-8 calls a day from contractors/sales. I'm now going to start turning reporting them.

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12, Jul. 2018

Recording say PRESS 2 to to be removed from further calls.

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2, May. 2018

When I dial the number I receive a recording stating the phone number is not in service.

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29, Jan. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam/spam anyone that responds!!

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6, Nov. 2017

trolling craigslist to scam/spam people!!!

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4, Nov. 2017

trolling craigslist to scam/spam people!

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8, Dec. 2016

I could not get them to tell me which credit card they were calling about.

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10, Aug. 2016

Called and asked for "Vivian", when told they had the wrong number the women seemed to respond with "oh, perhaps you can help me" and stared in on a sales pitch, I tried to speak over her but then found out it was a recording. These companies should be fined for all the aggravation!

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2, May. 2016

Calls from many different numbers and caller ID says: Vet Support FND. I answered once and told the man we do not do business or charity on the phone. He said charities are allowed to call. One time, asked for my wife, she told him the same thing. Keeps calling, despite our request to stop.

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14, Apr. 2015

If it is personal the the should not be leaving any message on a recorder.

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10, Apr. 2012