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7, Aug. 2019

I tried calling the phone number displayed to request no further calls, but a recording played stating that the number is not in service.

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17, Apr. 2019

This number calls me nonstop!

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21, Aug. 2018

Scame call

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4, Oct. 2017

They call continuously, and I let voicemail pick up the call, but they never leave a message.

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10, Dec. 2015

They did this several months ago, and now they are starting again.

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4, Aug. 2014

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6, Jul. 2014

this number keep calling with a recorded message.

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15, Jun. 2014

Today's call came early in the morning. I received a call from these same people 3 days ago, too. Still a recorded message. I tried calling back to complain, but their number will not accept incoming calls, it hangs up on you. There is absolutely no reason for these people to be calling me and I want it to stop. Thanks.

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7, Oct. 2013

We are tired of the phone calls for a name that is not ours. This is our home #. Thanks so much for your time and all you do.

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14, Mar. 2013

This was a recorded message asking for me to confirm my name.

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31, Oct. 2012

They call 5 or 6 times a day. When I answer the phone, no one respondes. must be a robo-call. this has been going on for weeks. I can not keep jumping up for the phone.

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25, Jul. 2012

They call with recorded message and I hit 1 and ask them to add me to a do not call list and they hung up.

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5, Jul. 2012

These people are calling 6 or 7 times a day. This is their 3rd call today. Once again I told them to stop calling us.