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14, Nov. 2015

One of those 'you have won a free cruise' phone calls. They will NOT stop calling.

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3, Sep. 2015

One ring, and a 1 second inaudible message.

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26, May. 2013

When we answer they either hang up OR when the answering machine picks up there is a very loud fog horn sound. I have no idea who they are. It has been happening for a few days now.

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30, Mar. 2013

Twice in one day - so far!

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21, Mar. 2013

This was a recorded message I received. I have never done business with this company.

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8, Mar. 2013

they asked for the person who handles the electric bill.

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28, Feb. 2013

They call daily, in spite of my asking them to remove me from their call list and me reminding them that I am on the National do not call list.

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14, Jan. 2013

These people have called me repeatedly and I have told them several times to take me off their list. Please make them stop calling my cell phone!