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2, Dec. 2018

Commercial Collection Agency B & A has called from this number. I am absolutely sure the company is a debt collection agency. Don't understand why they're telephoning my office.

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22, May. 2018

recorded call to lower credit card interest rates

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10, Apr. 2018

They never leave a message, just call several times during the day.

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6, Feb. 2018

No one answers when call is picked up.

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24, Jan. 2018

I have been called 3 times.

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15, May. 2017

Called my cell phone and male voice with accent claims to be with Microsoft and says my computer is being infected with viruses, I hung up and called number back and recording states it is a non-working number

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14, Apr. 2015

I am receiving unsolicited texts from this number and my number is on the list. I find that I re-register both my phone numbers every few months but it seems the site is as useless as some other facets of supposed consumer protection.

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1, Jan. 2014

They called again and again.

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24, Aug. 2012

These people have been told we are on the do not call list and told them to stop calling. But they are calling every day. Apparently just to harrass us.

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16, Apr. 2012

This Phone has been stolen