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19, Dec. 2019

I am tired of receiving calls from unknown numbers on my cell phone.

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20, Jul. 2019

Told him I was going to report him.

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3, Jul. 2019

JDAVIS UPDATE 12/09/2015: Consumer called to report more phone calls.

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3, Jul. 2019

Googled it and other households have said it is a telemarketing Scam.

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25, Jan. 2018

they hang up as soon as I answer - no chance to tell them not to call

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5, Oct. 2017

I entered my number on their voicemail to be removed from their list.

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25, Jun. 2017

Received a phone call from this weird number . I looked up the number and it looks like its the collection agency called Credit One Bank. No idea why they're calling. Can someone confirm that it's really them?

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8, Feb. 2017

This is my cellphone number.

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24, Sep. 2016

The call is a recording advising that I won a free cruise.

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20, Mar. 2016

Called spoke with Eric extension #3232 at 800 295-0851 again asked to stop calling and remove from their list.

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14, May. 2014

Two calls this morning.

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18, Jan. 2014

this time I answered, there was no one on the other end.

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6, Jan. 2014

This is the same recorded message I received yesterday from a different phone number. I do not know why they won't stop calling me.

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15, Sep. 2013

Text me regarding a ring I was selling on gumtree asked me to email back only glad this website exists!

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13, Sep. 2013

This number calls multiple times a day - sometimes when I answer they hang up other times it appears to be an automated system. Today I received 4 calls from them.

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12, Aug. 2013

When caller gets no answer, there is a whistle or other noise left on answering machine.

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19, Jun. 2013

this is 3rd time they have called . I told the lady I was going report this call. She said just good luck. It starts with a recorded call and then a live person comes on. This is annoying and not wanted. 3 times in the week.

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23, Apr. 2013

This was a text message telling me to call a phone number. This is the third nuisance text message and one phone message I received today. I am getting fed up with this. DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS.

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24, Feb. 2013

these people have called three or four time during the week prior.

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30, Dec. 2012

They call everyday. They call my cell phone and my husband's work cell phone that is not in his name but his employer's name. Also calling my elderly mother all hours of the day.

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28, Dec. 2012

They call twice a day. They do not leave a message if we don't answer. The number appears as customer help on our caller id.

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22, Dec. 2012

They call at least twice a day. The recorded message says it has an important message.

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19, Dec. 2012

They call my cell phone every week using different phone numbers. My mobile number is on the do not call list, and I have asked them to remove my number from ALL of thier databases; they are still calling. Please help. Make these calls stop coming to my mobile number. Thanks.

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6, Sep. 2012

They call regularly and only have a busy signal when I call them to complain. There is no person when I answer and they say to press a certain number. I am so sick of them!

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15, Aug. 2012

I believe a robo dialer is being used. Very annoying.