Area Code 860

Additional information:

Area code: 860
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
Thom Walter
18, Feb. 2019

Suspicious Silent Robo Call; Did not answer, but highly likely it was 1 of approximately 350 such calls we receive each of the past 5 months. After After 2 months of them, we ordered Caller ID and no longer answer these Unknown Unsolicited calls that rarely spoke.

15, Feb. 2019

I answered the phone and got a woman yelling to someone else in a very busy room (sounded like her own kids). She then asked for me by name and asked if I had paid off a mortgage on my home address. I hung up then and there.

11, Feb. 2019

Tired of these peoe calling my cell phone and hanging up

5, Feb. 2019

caller ID was Robert Solpes

30, Jan. 2019


18, Jan. 2019

The man said he wanted our company to be advertised on the 95.1 radio station and it would cost $500 to air 7 times. When I asked for more information and some literature emailed to us he kept saying that nothing had been devised and would I just be okay with the purchase. I hung up shortly after saying we can't commit to something like that without more information. Sounded like a scam.

Sick O'Robocalls
7, Jan. 2019

I don't answer; they don't leave message.

5, Jan. 2019

They do not give up! They are persistent and whoever they are, I wouldn't buy anything from them.

2, Jan. 2019

Never says anything, no messages. calls several times a day. Very annoying.

20, Dec. 2018

I called them back after the phone stopped ringing. Saw the number on my call log. When I dialed them back i heard a message stating this number is no longer in service. This is a trick scammers use. It is actually a recording they make as a voice message for incoming calls. Morons. May they rot slowly.

20, Dec. 2018

Indian speaking woman mumbled in her language until I told her to speak English. Said my Acura was being taken away if I didn't pay cash to keep it then tried to tell me something else. I told her my number was on the do not call list & not to call again. By the way, I don't own an Acura.

18, Dec. 2018

Yes it is another unwelcome call from these idiots but not only are they illegally disguising this unlisted number 860-295-8988 , they're also disguising many other unlisted numbers such as 860-295-8282, 860-295-9753, 860-295-9499, 860-295-1047, 860-295-5823, 860-295-5032, 860-295-6958, 860-295-7580, 860-295-7554, 860-295-5739, 860-295-3957, 860-295-3933, 860-295-3418, 860-295-1616, 860-295-4325, 860-295-4490, 860-295-5032, 860-295-3680, 860-295-7513, & 860-295-4359 as they all register on our caller ID as "East Hampton Ct", "Unavailable", & "Out of Area" as their phony voice recorded message is illegally advertising for United States Business Loans, Merchant Services with Visa/MasterCard, & National to Worldwide Timeshare Packages, because according to the Federal Trade Commission, United States Business Loan agent employees of customer service, Merchant Services with Visa/MasterCard, & National to Worldwide Timeshare Packages would never call us like that and already know that this is a harassment scam!  WORST OF ALL, NONE OF THESE UNLISTED 860-295 NUMBERS ARE IN SERVICE ACCORDING TO THE AUTOMATED VOICE WHICH GETS ANYBODY DISCONNECTED WHEN TRYING TO CALL THEM BACK!  VERY ANNOYING, because it's so hard to talk them out of this kind of behavior problem they're having for no reason which does nothing but want their money in such a hurry! There's NO NEED FOR THIS KIND OF TELEPHONE SOLICITING!

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