Area Code 860

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Area code: 860
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
14, Nov. 2018

I receive several calls from this number a day. I reject the call because I don't know anyone in CT. Answered last night but didn't say anything, the caller hung up. Blocked the number when they started calling again this morning. Probably telemarketer or scammer.

12, Nov. 2018

I have not shown any enthusiasm towards the mobile conversations but the person to be an employee keeps on giving mobile calls on my iphone and keeps on trying to guarantee me that their institution is safe to deal with. I have been inquiring about the caller how long the person has been employed by the organization and his employee ID. It is rather weird the caller hands over the telephone to someone else and then the new person tries to plead with me me again and try to take the tele-conversation into another area.

12, Nov. 2018

This telephone number clls time and again, and I am getting more disturbed. They said they wanted to speak to someone who lives here. I didn't commit. The person said they would telephone later. Refused to say who they were or what business they were calling from. I'm not sure.

9, Nov. 2018

This was an automated robo-call saying "You have been selected to qualify for a business loan. Please press 1 to speak to a representative". I hung up. I pressed 1 and was connected to "Rhonda". I asked her for her last name and the name of the company that I'm about to do business with. She asked me why I needed that information and then hung up. They never said the name of the company, either in the robo-call or by her. A previous caller told me he was with Fast Funding. Doing a Google search says this is their address, but I don't know if a company in Australia would be using robo-calls to get business... or maybe they would. PO Box 160, Chevron Island QLD 4217 Australia Email: They called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List. They previously called me: 10:50 AM 11/9/18 860-264-5102 12:15 PM 11/17/17 866-975-8942, yes twice in one day 11:29 AM 11/17/17 804-947-0819 1:51 PM 11/13/17 516-320-6151 12:04 PM 4/21/17 631-239-8731

6, Nov. 2018

# is driving me nuts. They call and call even though I let them know they're calling the wrong party. This number is just one number that comes in for someone that goes by Gerrie.

2, Nov. 2018

Said I was eligible to get braces at a good rate....soooo tired of these calls

1, Nov. 2018

Stop phoning once a week. You have the wrong number.

30, Oct. 2018

Many People don't know their rights according to the law. You can convince debt collection agencies to cease phoning. Collectors must stop calling if you tell them to stop. People may write or ask them via phone to stop phoning. If the debt collection agency phones even once more, you are able to phone Lember Law. Demonstrate to those agencies who's in charge.

27, Oct. 2018

These phone calls have been coming in from last Saturday. Daily I somehow try to make it a routine to play with my kids in the living area to spend a little time with my family every afternoon. I am thinking of taking this up with my Legal counsel as I get distracted with the phone calls coming at a rate on my iphone. I do not want my son responding to these mobile calls as sometimes the caller uses offensive language during their calls. I am very worried as the mobile calls are eating into my precious time with the loved ones and I do not want my family to suffer as a result. My time is valuable and the guys just do not understand now precious my time is.

27, Oct. 2018

Calling, calling calling, at all times of the day. I tried to talk to the company, and did get thee company to understand. I don't know if the phone calls are going to stop.

25, Oct. 2018

# called. Seemed like no one was on the line. There was silence on he telephone for about 15 seconds, then nothing but dial tone. The Caller ID said Bank of America.

22, Oct. 2018

That phone # text'd me encouraging me to vote blue this election and promising to send me free democratic merchandise. Just awful, don't harass me with your political propaganda. It was a really long text message also.

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