Area Code 859

Additional information:

Area code: 859
State: Kentucky
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2019


17, Feb. 2019

Craigslist scammer that adds white backgrounds to pictures to prevent reverse google image searching.

4, Feb. 2019

caller pretending to be Comcast Business conducting a survey! to many questions!

13, Jan. 2019

Called on a Sunday morning 11:20am. Found to be scam.

24, Dec. 2018

what idiot your stupid motherfucker i never call u and never tried to scam nobody and i work for a living i make 300 a day why should i tried to scam u for miserable 50 bucks u have to b joking punk!!

19, Dec. 2018

Locked up my PC and to call this number with MS logo. I called and they got on my PC disabled my Malwarebytes and downloaded a Trojan on my PC AMMYY and a ccleaner. Wanted 184.00 I cancelled my card. Turned my Malwarebytes back on and it detected the Trojan right away and quarantined the short cut I clicked on.. I then ran a scan and it found the Trojan AMMYY and removed it from my hard drive.

12, Dec. 2018

called my land line: did not leave message

11, Dec. 2018

Extremely rude people! Called my phone at 9:30pm, asking for someone I do not know, and then proceeded to insult my intelligence and schooling. Block this number.

8, Dec. 2018

They called on a Saturday and didn't leave a message. I live in Orlando and I don't know anyone in Kentucky. And if this was a real call, they would have left a message about what they were calling about. So I highly suspect this is spam.

3, Dec. 2018

Caller says I requested information on medical braces and may be eligible for a free brace. I have never searched for or made calls about a brace.

2, Dec. 2018

Calling, calling calling, at all times of the weakday. I tried more than once, but the man I talked to was unhelpful. I hope the telephone calls will stop.

1, Dec. 2018

Work nights woke up again

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