Area Code 859

Additional information:

Area code: 859
State: Kentucky
Country: USA
20, May. 2019

Every month for the past 6 months they have promised me that they would take this number off their call list.

17, May. 2019

We were out of MN for most of February and first half of March.

16, May. 2019

The telephone number belongs to Preferred Long Distance according to Google.

14, May. 2019

This company repeatedly calls even after requesting them to stop.

12, May. 2019

Concerning my computer and windows sending them a message that something is wrong with it.

8, May. 2019

Posts fake RV ads

3, May. 2019

spam caller

3, May. 2019

They are calling my house every 10 minutes.

3, May. 2019

I did not answer the call, but it was from an unknown number, and I never answer unknown numbers. If they do not leave a message on voicemail, then they are not worth my time. If they leave a voicemail, I can listen to it and decide if I want to call them back or NOT.

3, May. 2019

I have asked them everytime I answer to take me off their list and notify them that they are in violation of the NO CALL policy.

28, Apr. 2019

Now the count is 82.

27, Apr. 2019

It would be ultra-difficult for me to change my phone number.

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