Area Code 857

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Area code: 857
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
6, Dec. 2018

Calls numerous times - aboit once a day for the past five weeks and does not leave a message. They have to cease ccalling or leave a voicemail. I am considering contacting a lawyer and filing suit. Automated calls are illegal.

5, Dec. 2018

I am noot willing to go to that damned place as that is the place which puzzles me. The moment I enter that haunted place the maddening woman starts telephoning me. This unending business is rather misleading as the telephone calls have come more than 5 instances whenever I hvae been with her. Oh the maiden they are all harassing me.

29, Nov. 2018

My son-in-law received a message on his answering machine that caused him restless nights. The company told him that they could arrest him. The people who called should be taken to court. I'm going to telephone a lawyer in the morning.

28, Nov. 2018

and I have also threatened to call the police.

27, Nov. 2018

claimed I had won a drawing I was registered in.

27, Nov. 2018

From What I have seen on a search engine, this company persistently calls many people and may be a scammer.

27, Nov. 2018

They are obviously a scam.

26, Nov. 2018

Past three weeks 18 calls, answered one two months ag0 and asked to DO NOT CALL, and calls continue.

26, Nov. 2018

I seem to get more calls now and I don't see anything being done about this.

26, Nov. 2018

The message was a lady talking about sex.

24, Nov. 2018

I am so very tired of these callers.

21, Nov. 2018

One message today from caller ID 857-239-0721 and yesterday two calls from 857-239-0756 both messages were left by a computer voice saying they were sending...."the local cops" after me. I blocked both numbers: 857-239-0721 857-239-0756

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