Area Code 857

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Area code: 857
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
TS Rachel
13, Feb. 2019

Another “straight” cock sucker man in the closet calling transgender escorts in Boston. This is my third visit in town and he called me again asking thesame stupid questions and offering me 40 bucks to blow me and bend him over. This guy needs to get a life. Tranny chaser hopefully your friends and family read this

13, Feb. 2019

He calls transgender escorts in Boston and offers 100 for mutual oral and to fuck him. Another cheap tranny chaser he contacted me 2/12/19 10.26 am through dumb texts

8, Feb. 2019

Just had to add an additional note on this: the person who is using this service (it's a linking number that bridges callers) in my case is legit so, not sure about the other person who had the long phone minutes show up on the bill, but don't believe it's connected in any way.

24, Jan. 2019

eClinicalWorks is an EMR company. Today alone, we have been spammed by 3 different phone numbers all trying to fax our phone line. We do not use their product. 857-250-3640 is the 3rd number calling us. This morning 2 lines at once (508-329-8335). I called the number provided on this site (THANK YOU!) and spoke to Tanja (sp?) who said that we aren't in their system and its... "probably another medical office trying to fax something to us." I said that was interesting because I found their phone number on a spam site where multiple people are saying that it's eClinicalWorks' number and it's spamming lots of places. She then said she would do her "due diligence" to try to make it stop. 5 minutes after speaking with her, a second number (ending 8334) started spamming us. In the time I've written this, it's called 5 times. PLEASE report this company to the FCC online - ONCE THE FREAKING GOVERNMENT IS OPEN AGAIN. The company's phone number is 508-475-0450 and I recommend you select "Sales" not "customer service" if you don't want to hold for 20 minutes of your life.

17, Jan. 2019

who is this idiot

16, Jan. 2019

It's a fax and is driving me crazy, is non stop.

16, Jan. 2019

same here... calling several times daily..

2, Jan. 2019

Rent to own or lease to own scammers on Craigslist. Don't fall for it.

24, Dec. 2018

A female Called me today at 8:08AM. Telling me it’s a recorded line with a rude tone to her voice Asking for a Philip Domey ???? I have owned this number for over 15 years!!! I’m NOT a Philip Domey. I’m sure if they had researched my number they would have seen that too. She was extremely rude to me when I tried to politely tell her I’ve been a sole owner of this number for 15years and there is NOOO Philip Domey attached to it or here. Before I could continue to ask her not to call again due to the fact there were many calls before that were hang ups when my message played she insisted in a very rude tone they have never called me before and then HUNG UP on my .. no “I’m sorry it won’t happen again” juuust hung up.

6, Dec. 2018

Calls numerous times - aboit once a day for the past five weeks and does not leave a message. They have to cease ccalling or leave a voicemail. I am considering contacting a lawyer and filing suit. Automated calls are illegal.

5, Dec. 2018

I am noot willing to go to that damned place as that is the place which puzzles me. The moment I enter that haunted place the maddening woman starts telephoning me. This unending business is rather misleading as the telephone calls have come more than 5 instances whenever I hvae been with her. Oh the maiden they are all harassing me.

29, Nov. 2018

My son-in-law received a message on his answering machine that caused him restless nights. The company told him that they could arrest him. The people who called should be taken to court. I'm going to telephone a lawyer in the morning.

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