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14, May. 2018

My phone rang immediately again, asking me to opt out.

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8, Nov. 2017

Strange 8 digit number said international.

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27, Sep. 2017

Junk fax promoting a pre-approved credit line for business purposes.

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25, Apr. 2017

recoreded sales call

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19, Jan. 2017

Indeed this phone is used by a scammer, IRS will only send a letters, don't fall for this scam folks!

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16, Jan. 2017

i am the do not call list yet I get 2-3 prerecorded calls a day.

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13, Jul. 2016

Their message gives their name as Mortgage Program.

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3, Jul. 2015

The consumer is getting calls from an unknown company that is selling home security systems.

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5, Nov. 2014

Called and offered medical equipment if I pressed a number on my phone. Called again and hung up.

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4, Oct. 2014

Don't know because I didn't answer....based on other comments here I will block this scammer.

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1, Jul. 2014

They call 4-5 times per day. I ask them to quit calling and take me off their list. They hang up on me and call back a few hours later.

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18, Jun. 2014

this number keep calling with a recorded message.

Missy Laneous
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28, Nov. 2013

I also had a charge on my credit card statement on 2nd August of $4.90 - VPSERV.BIZ. I received no call and have no intention of calling the number on the statement. What I can share is that this particular credit card had recently been renewed and only two transactions to an insurance company had been processed. Conclusion: the insurance company system has been hacked. Made them aware of it but not interested as amount so low.

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27, Apr. 2013

This is the company that continues to call me every day. They called my cell phone. I was unable to speak with a person, because they disconnected me when I opted to talk to an operator.

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3, Jan. 2013

They asked me to renew my subscription. The caller, male, did not know when my subscription expired. I refused and told him no take my name off his lists. I never dealt with them.

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14, Jun. 2012

I've not done business with them, and have asked them to stop calling to no avail.

Beverly Jo Roscoe
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28, May. 2012

Beverly J Roscoe 3358 Apple Valley Dr Howard, OH 43028-8303 (740) 392-5909 This woman is crazy and has been on judge judy She had her children taken away and is in a mental home now.