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27, Aug. 2018

I think it is a fraud message.

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29, Nov. 2017

their line is always busy.

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11, Dec. 2015

This caller is heartless and evil, using a story that he is deaf and his wife just died. he tried to scam my wife for her sensitivity to help.. I wish him miserable life full of pain and suffering, same for all low life humans that seek easy fulfillment and pay by disrespecting and using the good will of others.

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30, Oct. 2015

I do not do business with this company.

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22, Sep. 2015

Confirmed scammers. just google that number. they steal credit card info or attempt to pay with credit cards. Sometimes they also use 239-205-4843

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10, Jun. 2015

I have received several calls from this number and it leaves an automated message.

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6, May. 2015

Scammer trying to "buy" my musical instrument from Craigslist, insisting on PayPal, impersonating a military service member in Colorado. Ignore ignore ignore.

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15, Apr. 2015

It was a recorded message so I couldn't tell them to stop calling. Caller ID said "Customer Care

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14, Apr. 2015

If you call all you can do is sign a petition.

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14, Apr. 2015

If they would leave a message as to whom is calling and what the call is about I would answer or return The call.

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11, Apr. 2015

I think there were fax connection noises likely trolling for a working fax.

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5, Jun. 2013

They are scamming people, trying to get personal info.

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7, Aug. 2012

These callers impersonate someone telling me to call back. I have received MANY calls from this company over the last year. There was an option, when I returned the call to get them to stop, to be removed from this list. I asked to do so but was hung up on. I have also tried blocking these sorts of calls with my cell phone carrier but then these callers use another phone number.