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7, May. 2019


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15, Apr. 2018

Sometimes, I find 2-3 phone calls made from the number.

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5, Feb. 2018

Recording with intro and nothing else.don't know what the company is or what they do.WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS LIST?

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24, Nov. 2015

There are multiple numbers calling me.

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30, May. 2015

Florida vacation scam auto call.

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2, Mar. 2015

These are scammers who try to con senior citizens re.

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5, Feb. 2015

I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling my house.

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27, Nov. 2013

Calls every day, offers free estimate for any construction work in the house. Doesn't take "no" for an answer! Knows the name of the owner of the house, doesn't answer any question, wants to talk to the owner of the house.. Could be a potential holiday intruder....

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8, Nov. 2012

They called me and threaten to have me arrested if I did not pay by 4:00 this afternoon. They had foreign accents that I could barely understand them. They claimed to be from a federal investigation bureau. Saying I was being charged with a federal crime