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15, Apr. 2019

Consumer reports he was notified by someone claiming to be with unknown sweepstake company stating that he won $2.5M, and a new car, requesting a fee via Western Union and needed his ssn.

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3, Oct. 2018

we receive several calls from this company daily for at least four days each week

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21, May. 2018

called and slaughtered my name, i pointed it out and he said OK thank you and hung up

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15, Dec. 2017

Left a voicemail by a robotic message, stating a sheriff would deliver the paperwork for judgement against me.

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21, Nov. 2017

This company calls continually with only a recording.

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15, Feb. 2017

2/15/2017 @5;52 pm got call from this #. I didn't answer. this # has called before. Wish I could stop these people from calling me.

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17, May. 2016

They told me tonight that they do not apply to the do not call list because they are not asking for money, only asking for information.

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2, Mar. 2016

Calls over and over again at all hours - please make them stop.

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29, Oct. 2015

I called them several months ago, at which time they told me I did not qualify.

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24, Jan. 2015

Consumer was not asked to pay any money.

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29, Jan. 2014

They call about 5 times a day from 2 different numbers.

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24, Jan. 2014

Would not talk to me if I asked questions then would hang up.

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28, Oct. 2013

Very RUDE... Will not take NO for an answer.. If you hang up he calls right back again and again... This ASSHOLE gives ALL telmarketers a bad name.....

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10, Jun. 2013

They call constantly and their services do not apply to me or anyone in our home.

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6, Jun. 2013

Were in bed at the time since we go to work early. The answering machine goes to answer but the hang up is so quick we get a dial tone that forces us to answer/hangup. Very disturbing!

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28, May. 2013

this company continues calling the number. the message was pre-recorded.

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27, Mar. 2013

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9, Dec. 2012

They call and say press 1. Getting real upset with them and I don't press.

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23, Aug. 2012

These text messages cost me money as I do not have text plan. I want reimbursement and shut them down. Thank you.