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7, Dec. 2017

They wont stop calling.

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17, Mar. 2015

Scammer running the PayPal Craig's List scam. Today he/she contacted me using the name Joy Moraga texting from 412-502-5329 then telling me to contact her at 848-565-2117 to leave a message. Apparently he/she is still trapped in Cheyenne Mountain after years of running this PayPal Craigslist scam. She is also using the name Joy Fruth, using the numbers 347-345-2280, 419-776-4552, 419-718-1961, 567-331-4466, 678-263-8458, 912-235-0806, 949-945-6855, 561-331-0384, 772-266-3082 and 848-218-5697. The additional info based on Google searches of the 2 original numbers.

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7, Dec. 2014

this unwanted call occurs almost daily around the same time. They leave no message.

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25, Sep. 2013

Johnny On The Spotless Address: 15 Rutgers Rd., Hazlet, NJ 07730 Main Phone Number (848) 218-0278 johnnyonthespotlessnj.com