Area Code 847

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Area code: 847
State: Illinois
Country: USA
24, Feb. 2020

did not talk until the end of message saying my name

23, Feb. 2020

Requests for removal have been made to all.

22, Feb. 2020

When I will not put her on the phone, they hang up.

22, Feb. 2020

Please prosecute and get them to stop calling me!

22, Feb. 2020

Hopefully you will be able to do something about it.

18, Feb. 2020

It is come kind of company that wants to save me money on my credit card interest.

hotel worker
17, Feb. 2020

I also work at the desk at a hotel in Minnesota. He almost always starts with asking about a reservation. The name and other info changes from time to time, but generally its the same. He calls many times a week. sometimes many times a day. Always when Im working. I can recognize his voice and normally just hang up. Which results in him calling back, Makes me hesitant to even answer then phone at work.

14, Feb. 2020

i asked my number be removed.

14, Feb. 2020

I picked up because of the early hour and they have not called for some time, but now the scammers are back.

13, Feb. 2020

561-316-9458, 561-283-8414, 561-283-8405.

13, Feb. 2020

"this is Tyresse. Give me a call back, ok.",

11, Feb. 2020

A man with a heavy accent (Indian) I believe, offered me a warehouse helper position. I was first emailed the job description and qualifications followed by a phone call after my response. He asked me a few questions about my work history during the phone interview which all seemed legit. He then asked for my social security number in which I replied “I’m not comfortable giving that information.” I can’t remember much of the conversation after that but that was the last call I received from him 2 weeks from today.

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