Area Code 847

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Area code: 847
State: Illinois
Country: USA
21, Mar. 2019

I have told them multiple times to STOP CALLING.

21, Mar. 2019

Another robo call where you answer and no one is there and will not leave a message.

21, Mar. 2019

This was a call for something to help me lower my credit card rate.

20, Mar. 2019

guy with a triumph is a low life liar called to get a tow from queens impound lot was told $110 off street to shop and he wasalso told if we send out a flat bed its $180 he lied to the towing company told them i said $100 for the tow which is a lie never said that even email him if the flat bed comes out its $180 no matter what 8478409125 he then said he had to push bike 100 yards which is hard to believe they would allow him to walk through there got a text offering me $50 to tow is which is less than half of how much it costs on the street no one is allowed to get their biek out without a tow truck and i called spoke to officer been doing this for 20 years it told me some one gave me some funny info well no your not allowed back there without a tow truck to get the bike to the from if they allowed him to push it then he would have to pay the $110 fee from off street as he was already told to do how he came up with offering $50 or he will get some one else who will tow a bike from flushing to woodside for $50 > why would i trust him at this point beware of him goy is out oh his mind making up bs stories .

20, Mar. 2019

They try to get me to allow them access to my computer by saying my computer has malware and is sending out emails without my knowledge.

20, Mar. 2019

trying to scam me out of money.

17, Mar. 2019

I do not have a credit card with a running balance.

16, Mar. 2019

When I answered, a woman asked to speak to Mr.

16, Mar. 2019

I don't have the day or times of the previous calls but I believe it has been about once a month.

15, Mar. 2019

Called our residential phone number same day around 2pm.

15, Mar. 2019

This company is looking for a person name Ann, I have informed these people that no Ann lives at this number I have had this number for nearly 5 years

11, Mar. 2019

4-20' 4-21, 4-26, 4-28, and 5-1.

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