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21, Sep. 2017

Recorded call - in Spanish.

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15, Jul. 2012

These folks call about once a week but the caller ID is not always the same. Really frustrating. I don't answer calls from unknown numbers and they never leave a message. I get over a dozen of these robocalls every week. They need to be held accountable.

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14, Mar. 2012

This took place on March 13. I don't know this number or who this was, but they harrassed me all evening. Caller (text): 8:11pm - Is this Frank?" Me: No, sorry Caller (text) 8:22pm - "K thanks" Caller - Called from Restricted # at 11:15pm. I didn't answer. Caller (text): 11:21pm - I am looking 4 frankie do u know him he call me from this number Me: No one called you from this number. Please stop texting and calling. Thanks. Caller (text): 11:25pm - Yes he did at 1027 this morning. Me: Phones been in my possesion all day Caller (text): 11:28pm - I dont care about yall f***ing around he call me from this number on my other phone so u didn't have ur phone all day. Me: no response Caller (text): How will I get the # then