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  • Regional statistics: Seabrook, Texas has a population of 12019 that is in a county of 1205516 units. The city is in a county that is 1729 square miles. 832-261 is available through the regional telephone switch # HSTQTX02DS0 in the Seabrook area.
  • Other cities located around Seabrook: Houston (832-260) Spring (832-257) Baytown (832-262) Alvin (832-269)
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29, Apr. 2019

She left a voicemail saying she's with the Giddings Agency (hard to understand exactly what she said) her employer (mr giddings? can't make out the name) saw my resume on line and he liked what he saw so she wanted to set up an interview but he'd be in meetings all day so that's why she was calling. I haven't submitted a resume anywhere so I'm not sure what this call is about.

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29, Apr. 2019

What makes them think I would want to take surveys from a unreputable company that not only violates the law, but also is rude?

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14, Mar. 2019

This is about my 5th robo call from this company

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5, Sep. 2018

1 of 6 calls received from all over the US on same date where background noise and accent of caller was the same.

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5, Jun. 2018

This number has called me a number of times.

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21, May. 2018

This was a recorded message from a medical alert systems for seniors company, no name provided.

christian muzzilo
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29, Nov. 2017

checked them out with the BBB they checked out as a legit company handling check fraud and other banking civil suits.

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8, Aug. 2014

I received a phone call from these people at my work. They say their name is The Law Office of Mediation and Arbitration. A Martin Greenberg identified himself as an attorney. Said their address was 723 Main Street and zip code 77002. Said I had two felony warrants and they would be issued it I did not call back. File a complaint with the FTC that is the only way you will get them to stop

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12, Jun. 2014

these people are rude, and they call me everyday. When I asked them to remove my number, they hung up on me without acknowledging my request. I am so fed up! please stop these people.

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5, Feb. 2014

This place keeps calling our home phone number.

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9, Apr. 2013

These people call my number every night. Please make them stop.

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8, Jan. 2013

These people call at least once a week.... i asked them to take my number off their list... they said they would... but they haven.!

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6, Jul. 2012

They call me about every other day at different times, I have told them twice when I got to talk to a live person to stop calling me.