Area Code 831

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Area code: 831
State: California
Country: USA
7, Nov. 2018

Calls several times - nearly once a day for the past two weeks and will not leave a voicemail. I want the calls to stop! I'm gonna call a law firm and filing suit. Robocalls are against the TCPA.

6, Nov. 2018

I did not know of the tactics used by large organizations to get someone to respond to calls All this tiem I have been trying to explain to a machine.

21, Oct. 2018

He called me telling me thing like why I was sleeping with he’s girlfriend and that he know where I lived

19, Oct. 2018

Called and begged for money. Rude. Disrespectful. Persistent. Claimed she was raising funds for cancer. A TOTAL SCAM. FRAUD. They keep switching numbers but the WCF is the same.. BLOCK THE NUMBER EVERY TIME IT APPEARS.

14, Oct. 2018

Called my cell phone asking for a family member of mine.

14, Oct. 2018

Calls multiple times a week

5, Oct. 2018

tried to say stop calling, realized recording.

5, Oct. 2018

I think these are the same jerks that just called me from the Oklahoma number.

4, Oct. 2018

Don't answer this Caller even after you select the opt out key this caller calls even more times. I selected the key to ask this Credit card caller to ask to please stop calling as I have no interest. Well that was a Big Big BIG mistake as he called me every nasty word in the book. How does a USA phone number get in the hands of a terrorist Pakistani man who chooses to infiltrate our credit card & banks accounts? Who can stop this scammer from hurting more Americans.

3, Oct. 2018

Has called several times-with caller ID I don't answer unknown numbers-did not leave a message

2, Oct. 2018

Have not given any personal info.

2, Oct. 2018

They have called previously from a different 800 number

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