Area Code 828

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Area code: 828
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
27, Apr. 2020

Car insurance scam

21, Apr. 2020

Scam call

14, Apr. 2020


Teresa Jefferson
7, Apr. 2020

This person called my elderly mother, used my name and said I had told him to call her about a clearinghouse or something. She thought it must be a scam and hung up. He then called her back and got very vocal and loud with her and said she was very disrespectful to him by hanging up and he was just trying to do his job. This person needs to be stopped from trolling on the elderly.

7, Apr. 2020

Call girl cheap and worth it

Donna Hinson
3, Apr. 2020

Trying to find phone Location my daughter is missing and this is her phone number

TS Vanity
2, Apr. 2020

He is a guy in Charlotte that pays for transgender escorts. He wanted to get pounded. The reason why I'm exposing Him is because he paid me less than what we agreed to and he was on drugs when he showed up. I remember he said he is from California. Just another pig tranny chaser for screenshots email me at

31, Mar. 2020

Recorded call for medical alert.

31, Mar. 2020

I find it interesting that I got a 'spam' mail from Amazon wanting me to follow a link to update my Amazon information or my account would be suspended (which I DID NOT DO ..... instead I forwarded the email to Amazon's abuse email address). But then, the same day, a call came on my cell phone from the 828-372-5221 as well (of which I DID NOT ANSWER.....I never answer calls from numbers I do not recognize!!). This scammer is seriously all over the map!!!!

28, Mar. 2020

Also I have been registered with DO NOT Call for years and register multiple time and it has not helped.

26, Mar. 2020

The lady on the phone said they did not have one and that they would keep calling and then she hung up on me.

23, Mar. 2020

I cannot confirm if they have removed me from the list as typical procedure is to confirm the company has done so.

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