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28, May. 2019

Claiming my ip had been on a wikileaks site accessing protected classified info... Threatened jail if no return message regarding howbivwould pay fine

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21, Sep. 2018

The person they are looking for birthdate/SS# is not me.

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31, Aug. 2018

after a while caller said I need your credit card number that's when I hung up

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25, Nov. 2017

today, the guy i ended up with on the phone told me I WAS TAKING UP TOO MUCH OF HIS TIME BY COMPLAINING

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4, May. 2016

They immediately hung up on me when I began to tell them they were running a scam.

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15, Apr. 2016

recorded call from a call list soliciting me for some scheme.they need to check registry before making calls!

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29, Oct. 2015

I blocked the caller on my phone, but now I am receiving phone calls from an unknown # I cannot block.

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30, Jul. 2015

Message that we were going to be sued by the IRS - final warning. Must be a scam.

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20, Jul. 2015

Don't believe the treasury dept would be calling and threatening me. Must be a scam. Blocked.