Area Code 814

Additional information:

Area code: 814
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

Blocked this call today as it has been calling every day. I returned called once but no answer. Probably telemarketer.

13, Feb. 2019

Called, left no message, therefore it is SPAM. Blocked.

29, Jan. 2019

They are still at it, threatening arrest...huge scam

29, Jan. 2019

They called and said if I didn't call back they would file a fraud case against me. I don't owe anyone anything, this is a scam. Don't answer, don't give them any information. Block them!

29, Jan. 2019

Never leaves message probably foreign scammer using local number

28, Jan. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

Gunny G USMC
20, Jan. 2019

They call people from all sorts of numbers as is obvious by others posting here. They are “spoofing” Numbers. Number shown on caller ID is not the real number. Mine was reflected “on my land line” as a NJ number. Obviously a sales SCAM or charity fund raising SCAM or it’s the IRS calling SCAM. Some sort of SCAM, is why no message. UVETSSA SCAM!!! I hope this helps someone. Semper Fidelis! Very Respectfully, Gunny G USMC

11, Jan. 2019

Called to try and collect money for bills I never had.

24, Dec. 2018

They have since cleaned up and fixed it, somebody else owns the number but it’s not owned by Mathew Zees anymore, can you fix it?

19, Dec. 2018

He is another white guy ghetto wanna be in the Johnstown area that pays tranny escorts to fuck him in the ass and he likes to suck. He will send you a picture of him shirtless with shitty tattooes and a picture of his ghetto ugly ass holding a bunch of 100 dollar bills that probably came from drugs. Watch out he will blow off your phone if you deny his appointment. Ghetto ass gay man

14, Dec. 2018


5, Dec. 2018

This morning I got 7 mobile calls from a not known number. The individual who was calling was hard to understand and I had no clear understanding about the incoming calls. Finally, I raised my voice and asked why he calls when I cant get what he is trying to inquire and the calls are a waste of money and then he goes all blank. I tried to verify with the person who is calling about what I heard on the telephone and strangely from the other side I heard a seies of giggles and then the telephone lie went dead.

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