Area Code 813

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Area code: 813
State: Florida
Country: USA
2, Jun. 2020

Left message with Foreign accent, threaten some legal lawsuit with unknown and not clear voice to return call.

2, Jun. 2020

recorded message 'This is not a sales call. You may be eligible for a free." (then I hung up)

12, May. 2020

Woman caller says something about an attempt to warn me.

11, May. 2020

It is now a number for AI trading software. You can call back and supposedly when you tell them no they will take you off their list.

6, May. 2020

Eames Herman Miller chair on Craigslist for waay too cheap. Many postings.

16, Apr. 2020

just received a call on a home I have listed. The guy on the line said he was calling for Micheal Neal or Oneal. Tried to ask all sorts of invasive questions regarding the Seller. It was odd. I told him I am not interested in answering his questions.

4, Apr. 2020

All of this is above. I reached out to rent her studio. She claimed she had 3 people coming the next day to look in order to secure I must send $250 to secure my place. That the CashApp wasn't working so I needed to get a MoneyPak. My ignorance and I did and asked when I could view the place and didn't hear back. I reached out the next morning and her stories were mixed up that they have 3 people coming tmrw to view the place and why do I want my $250 refundable money. I told them I would report them, they became angry I asked for my deposit back. Finally said they will keep the $250 for waste of their time. Very rude

4, Apr. 2020

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

1, Apr. 2020

Advisory Message

1, Apr. 2020

They called me three times in one night, and I told them i would report them to the better business bureau.

1, Apr. 2020

I have hit the number to stop the calls but they keep coming.

1, Apr. 2020

Received a call from this phone number

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