Area Code 813

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Area code: 813
State: Florida
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

Don't know his name, just keeps calling my number and when I have answered there is no one there. I blocked him.

14, Feb. 2019

Spanish speaking, something about insurance

8, Feb. 2019

Said something about looking for a job on their website. I told them in a gangster voice that they wuz calling the wrong guy. They called back and I asked if I could tie their shoelaces. Ah hah.

1, Feb. 2019

Someone doing something about this number

31, Jan. 2019

Very official sounding "debt collection" call alleging an "Order" (from where?) that they were given to act upon about "two pending matters." Threatened to come to my employment or my home to serve me.. Do not engage with these callers - they are scammers trying to collect debts (that aren't even generally belonging to the person whose phone they are calling) and if they are real "old debt" they are way past their legal ability to collect them. Least of all, this company spoofs numbers in an attempt to get you to pick up - they have all of your private information, and they threaten to have you arrested if you don't "pay them over the phone." So many people have fallen for this scam that states around the country, and the FTC have tasks forces to combat these types of fraudsters. Do not fall prey to them. Don't answer; and move along with your life. BTW, blocking does nothing to help - they spoof new numbers all the time.

30, Jan. 2019

Got a call from “Susan” saying she represented Kevin Harrigton from Shark Tank. She said he had seen my website and wished to carry my product. I told her that I would give Kevin a call personally and talk to him about it and I hung up. SCAMMER

24, Jan. 2019

The call I got was at 8:49 pm. Needs to stop.

22, Jan. 2019

Yes Who are they?

18, Jan. 2019

1/17/2019 7:33pm EST. ROBO

17, Jan. 2019

Called. Did not leave a message.

15, Jan. 2019

I'm a commercial driver I have tried to notify for a not guilty plea and set a court date.i have called numbers listed on ticket # AApm48E to get no answer plz contact me At 386 316 9057 for court date thx

14, Jan. 2019

This # called my phone 8 times in 2 days. Telescammer.

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