Area Code 812

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Area code: 812
State: Indiana
Country: USA
Dorothy Barrett
16, Feb. 2019

They called about a bill I supposedly owe and I wanted to know where there business is located. Said they could not tell me.

14, Feb. 2019

This a school loan forgiveness program they constantly call ! Spam

12, Feb. 2019

I received a call from this number. They did not leave a message so I returned the call. The message states that number was not in service.

14, Jan. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

17, Dec. 2018

I received a call from this number from a man who stated his name was Wayne Davis from Indiana Services. He stated the company was doing free roof inspections in my area to check for storm damage. He stated someone from his crew would be by my home tomorrow at 3 pm. I tried to call the number back but it is disconnected. I cannot find anything but scam reports when I search for this company.

15, Dec. 2018

Called, no message, called back and it's not a working number

3, Dec. 2018

I can't seem to stop this place from phoning, so I am gonna report them. Will it do any good to send in a complaint? All I can say is enough is enough.

2, Dec. 2018

When my friend answered the telephone the businessman started scolding that the person had called over 10 times during the last few days and that none of the family had picked up the phone. The man did not listen and cut off the telephone. Up-to now I am not sure of the causes behind ghe phone calls. We are thinking of reporting these maddening telephone calls to the CFPB as we are very concerned whether the telephone calls will start again and again. I am feeling exhausted after the car journey and I am getting stressed.

30, Nov. 2018

two calls in 2 hours!

28, Nov. 2018

Received one call to get rentals in Orlando, three minutes later got another call from same number saying my phone bill is overdue and providing a text number.

28, Nov. 2018

Recording said my MasterCard debit card was lost and to reactivate, enter "1".

28, Nov. 2018

Will the calls ever stop?

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