Area Code 807

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Area code: 807
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
26, Oct. 2018

J'aie reçu une facture de 3.89 venant de ce numero ne le connaît pas appelle Vidéotron et me dise de porter plainte fraude pur et simple et ridicule que Vidéotron nous charge ces frais lorsqu'ils savent que c'est une fraude très insatisfaite de Vidéotron je sais quoi faire

25, Oct. 2018

‭1 (807) 700-5959‬ Called me saying they have a warrant for my arrest

12, Oct. 2018

They also use 1-807-700-8986 now saying call them back or you will be arrested, I want to find these people and let them taste my baseball bat or my snow shovels!

10, Oct. 2018

You are then prompted to press 1 to talk to someone.

10, Oct. 2018

I also got a call from this number (automated message to call back immediately or they will issue an arrest warrant) // I would love to talk to these people, seems they really are in great depression that they wanna talk to us..... so they can get some money..... lol

9, Oct. 2018

Have asked to be taken off their call list.

3, Oct. 2018

I called back on this number and some guys picked up the phone and said: " Hello, this is Canada Revenue Agency". I said I missed a call from them them. He replied: "You missed a call from us, right"? I said yes. He hung up! Then I looked up this number and fell on this page. Thank you guys for posting your comment. I feel relieved now that I know it's a scam. Thank you guys! God Bless!

3, Oct. 2018

Noon today

26, Sep. 2018

Haven't asked the company to stop calling because it is an automated message.

23, Sep. 2018

I've had this caller call me up to 4 times a day.

15, Sep. 2018

If I reply back to them negatively as in asking them to not call me, they would hang up and call me again later with a new number.

real mad as hell
14, Sep. 2018

this scammer should be in jail right now

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