Area Code 807

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Area code: 807
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
14, May. 2020

March 17 this number called to my phone and did not make the call. This is total Bs. Bell needs ti give refunds for this plus interest from the date of the call.

no show voip number
20, Apr. 2020

BEWARE GIRLS: sets appointments all across the country to waste peoples time. Asks to eat your ass of course. All fantasy no reality. Has mental issues.

24, Mar. 2020

Have repeatedly called my cell phone, 3 times in last 2 days.

21, Mar. 2020

This company has been constantly calling all day from different phone numbers from different city and states for the past week.

18, Mar. 2020

Please help sir

12, Mar. 2020

I received the following SMS text message on Mar 6, 2020 at 10:03 PM ET from this number: "NETFLIX ALERT to 1**********, *Payment was Declined* Please visit: [nqx-55024]" **********, being my phone number. The following website doesn't seem to exist. I do not deal with Netflix, even then, this is likely an obvious scam.

8, Mar. 2020

The person or company did not identify themselves.

8, Mar. 2020

I receive numerous emails from similar companies.

8, Mar. 2020

They were very pushy when I refused to donate.

24, Jan. 2020

Several times we waited for several seconds, but no person or recording ever picked up.

24, Jan. 2020

We have received 8-10 such calls over the past 4 months.

Leo Power
23, Jan. 2020

Stating that I was under arrest and that they needed my Social Insurance Number to prove my identity.

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