Area Code 806

Additional information:

Area code: 806
State: Texas
Country: USA
2, Jul. 2020

It is a recorded message about lowering the interest rate on my credit card.

2, Jun. 2020

When I call the number I get Convergent US, your call is being answered by audix.

29, Apr. 2020


29, Apr. 2020


23, Apr. 2020

This is someone using a text app number trying scam people and steal there money

17, Apr. 2020

CONSTANT SPAM CALLS for “your car warranty is about to expire”...These spammers are relentless—disguising local cell numbers (similar to my cell number—same area code and prefix). I block them, but they just use another similar number and call and call and call and call!! When I have answered to try to speak to an actual person, they hang up on me when I ask simple questions like “If you’re calling for me to renew my car warranty, then why do you not have my make and model?” OH, NO, YOU DIDN’T!! How dare you call ME and then have the audacity to HANG UP ON ME!! Please make it STOP!!!

14, Apr. 2020

Claims to be CHASE FRAUD DEPARTMENT. Complete scam. He calls Chase bank claiming to be you, tries to get your password reset, and calls you at the same time. While on the phone with Chase, the bank sends you a message to confirm your account (because they think they are on the phone with you) and wants you to give him the confirmation number...DON'T because he will then have access to all of your accounts.

14, Apr. 2020

Solo dice que me llama de una compañía de seguro de dientes llamada ameritas

31, Mar. 2020

Also the same message comes from different numbers.

27, Mar. 2020

called saying they are giving grants of $400.

24, Mar. 2020

This number calls nearly everyday several times a day for weeks.

19, Mar. 2020

Our number has been registered for years as a do not call #.

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