Area Code 805

Additional information:

Area code: 805
State: California
Country: USA
14, May. 2020

They were trying for insurance scam on my vehicle

6, May. 2020

Rec'd call from 805-567-6651. They did not leave a msg. So I don't know who or why they called.

6, May. 2020

Receiving chinese voice recording, not sure what is the meaning.. receiving calls frequently, very annoying.

5, May. 2020

Did they communicate with an online dating app?

2, May. 2020

Unsolicited telemarketing calls.

30, Apr. 2020

Said it was collection Agency for Spectrum. I don’t owe anything to Spectrum. Person was rude. Told don’t call me, as I don’t know who he is!!!

16, Apr. 2020

Calls frequently but doesn’t leave any messages. Probably obtaining number through hacks

15, Apr. 2020

This number calls everyday. I have never answered and there is never the voice mail they indicate. How can I block this number?

he is sending private messages via Facebook now!
2, Apr. 2020

FACEBOOK MESSAGE: You and Gwen Gribsgy aren't connected on Facebook 3:08 PM This is an official Sweepstakes message for you in regards to a certified winnings you have won. Step 1: You have won 1.3 million dollars on a big Sweepstakes check, two $500 Amazon gift cards and a brand new 2019 GMC truck. Step 2: In order to receive this winnings you will need to pay a 5% fee in order to claim and receive your winnings package. Step 3: Once you are interested please call John Coleman at (805) 301-2839 for further information, please note all calls are being monitored and recorded by our FBI agents.

1, Apr. 2020

They claim they wanted us to renew our mortage.

1, Apr. 2020

Upon answering the call I was greeted with a recording advising me of health difficulties seniors might have and saying to press 1 to speak to a representative.

28, Mar. 2020

Unknown who this is.

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