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25, Oct. 2017

They call from different numbers and leave short voicemails. Calling from a voip line based out of Severn Maryland. Very computer savvy and knows alot about hacking.

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31, May. 2017

if answered,offers 100.00 gift card if you press a certain number to continue.

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12, Apr. 2017

Thank You very much.

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30, Mar. 2017

you have won a carribean.

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17, Jan. 2017

I have never answered the original call, and just let it go to voicemail.

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19, Oct. 2016

This is soliciting and we want this investigated.

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23, Jun. 2016

The call starts out as a recording then prompts you to press #1 to speak to a rep.

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14, Jun. 2016

This has been going on daily Monday through Friday for the last 2 months.

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24, Mar. 2016

Each time I talked to Verizon I informed them that my phone has been registered with the F.T.C.

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30, Sep. 2015

WHY WHY WHY do I keep putting my phone number on the No Call Registry when I keep getting unsolicited calls constantly?

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10, Aug. 2015

Can't stop them from calling me.

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24, Jul. 2015

When I ask that they hang up on me.

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5, May. 2015

Received a voice mail on May 5, 2015. I'm tired of this shit. Gonna contact whatever agencies handle this crap!snare drum

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29, Jan. 2015

recorded message insisting I or my lawyers call them back immediately to avoid a warrant for my arrest for tax evasion.

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9, Jan. 2015

Stop Calling me!

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16, Nov. 2014

continous marketing recording calls

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18, Jul. 2014

We receive this call almost daily.

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8, May. 2014

This person called and said Plan B is ready for pick up at a pharmacy in Ashland, VA ...there is no such a thing and he claim to not be able to give too much information

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1, Oct. 2013

If you're 60 or over then blah blah blah... The National DNC list is pointless. This is just spam fishnet marketing. Throw the net in the water and maybe some sucker will get trapped.

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18, Mar. 2013

This number has called my cell phone repeatedly in the past week without leaving a message. When I called the number, I got a prerecorded message about a tv show called "Flipping Boston"???

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7, May. 2012

"Wait for the next available operator". I cannot tell a recording to leave me alone.