Area Code 803

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Area code: 803
State: South Carolina
Country: USA
10, Dec. 2018

I just received the same email saying she's new in town and looking for a realtor. Something was just off about it.

6, Dec. 2018

Spam call out of nowhere at 7pm. Not cool.

5, Dec. 2018

Calling asking for donation to a police officer foundation.

29, Nov. 2018

I am unable to ask them to stop calling cause no one is ever on the line when I answer.

29, Nov. 2018

Left a message on my work voicemail asking me to call 803-326-1371 and a reference number. I had to listen 8-10 times just to catch that phone number and the reference! Said it is not a solicitation call. Well, if it's that important, speak clearly and repeat the number slowly so that we can understand you, and then maybe I'd call you back. Idiots!

29, Nov. 2018

It appears to be some sort of robocall.

28, Nov. 2018

Whey profess to be able to lower my credit card interest rate.

28, Nov. 2018

They hanged up

28, Nov. 2018

Calls twice a day, sometimes from a different number.

28, Nov. 2018

caller says that because I'm a perferred customer that I have I can recieve a reward as long as I am 18 and I have a credit card.

28, Nov. 2018

can you please help stop these calls?

28, Nov. 2018

This is the 3rd time they have called.

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