Area Code 801

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Area code: 801
State: Utah
Country: USA
14, Feb. 2019


7, Feb. 2019

When someone calls your phone and youncan actually see the phine number, uf uou don't know it or recognize it, simply don't answer it. I have a cell phone and 12 to 15 times a day I get crank calls b7t I block them. I just wish that crank callers would actually have something interesting to do than be pests.

6, Feb. 2019

Calling to assist me with medical benefits to address my pain The only pain I have is this number calling me every day

6, Feb. 2019

Message sounded like a scam

Big Daddy
31, Jan. 2019

Claims to be medical staffing recruiter but continues to knowingly call a wrong number despite being told not to...

30, Jan. 2019

After several seconds there was an automated message to confirm scheduled appointment.

22, Jan. 2019

I receive a call every few days. No message left. I assume this is a marketing call trying determine when to reach me.

17, Jan. 2019

He called me about 3 times (Jan 17) and seemed like he was on the phone with somebody else discussing a person’s “injury”. Didn’t respond to my “hello” like why call me back after i hang up! I hate Scammers

17, Jan. 2019

I got the same call but no msg-googled and found above report. Hubby has Regence Md Adv. Call is legit

16, Jan. 2019

Same here. Deleted 3 months ago and it's back again now. Thats messed up dang near had my BF in hot water!

12, Jan. 2019

Same thing, emergency room charge, for small amount, that tipped me off right away, cause emergency room visits are costly, and they threatened to turn me into connections.

11, Jan. 2019

I don’t answer any phone call that is not in my phone list. It could be a sonic blast that may leave me deaf !!!

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