Area Code 801

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Area code: 801
State: Utah
Country: USA
20, Nov. 2018

tell you to push a # if you do not want anymore calls.

20, Nov. 2018

Did not answer call no message left.

20, Nov. 2018

The robocall offered some sort of contest for Verizon customers.

19, Nov. 2018

this phone numnber has been calling my home for a long time.maybe over 1 year.

19, Nov. 2018

I am beside myself with the kind of telephone calls I am receiving from #. This telephone number is very new. Like 4 weeks old. In addition to this phone number calling, a debt collector keeps phoning somebody called Albert or something similar.

18, Nov. 2018

This morning, I got a strange call. The caller didn't mention where they were phoning from. I phoned the Caller ID number on the phone and Chase answered. It was weird.

16, Nov. 2018

As a Fidelity representative in American Fork, Utah, I can tell you this is the number that shows up in caller ID on outbound calls from the regional center here. It also often says the call is from "Salt Lake City"

15, Nov. 2018

Chad Steur Law continues to call and I can't imagine why. I do not have a single credit card with them.

15, Nov. 2018

I make it a point to go to the area library every Saturday. Can you imagine receiving 6 telephone calls from a business over and over and the funny thing is I have been receiving the telephone calls on my mobile whenever I am in the library in the relaxing area. Oh! theese irritating callers! I don’t mind a penalty but I hope that they will not cancel my membership card I suppose I knew this was coming.

14, Nov. 2018


11, Nov. 2018

At school my friend had called the number to see if it was real so it was saying in a creepy voice what do you what then chainsaw noise then random numbers and. So I called it and was saying dumb stuff like you ugly and stuff so we keep calling he does the same thing then a few hours later I get a voice mail from the number so I click on the thing and it said that it was supposed to be deleted. So then I was looking stuff up to see what these numbers mean and stuff and pretty scary then when I go to call my friend she said she had been getting a lot! Of calls from him screaming at her IFK about you guys but I would not call this number.

10, Nov. 2018

I cannot even add up the number of calls from this business. Yesterday morning, I requested more details about their product. They weasled and wouldn't offer anything more. When I said no, the person disconnected. Who knows how to stop the calls.

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