Area Code 801

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Area code: 801
State: Utah
Country: USA
11, Jun. 2020

13, May. 2020

I messed up. Brian's # is 801-217-3203

22, Apr. 2020

20, Apr. 2020

Thus is a harassment call. Delete my number immediately! 775-3912-1957

20, Apr. 2020

Sent as a text message.. Was told to pay money to "Epic Emergency Physicians" to avoid an account being placed in a collections agency. Was given a different number entirely to respond to and was told not to text back.

6, Apr. 2020

The call I received was a perfectly legitimate call-back requested by me so I wouldn't have to wait on hold for heaven-knows-how-long. There was no caller ID, and I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer. Then when I found references to Fidelity above, I realized that the call was legitimate. When they called back again, I answered, and I can confirm that this is a legitimate call-back number used by Fidelity Investments. It really would make life a lot easier if they would use caller ID.

1, Apr. 2020

They are not affiliated with any company from which I have a credit card to the best of my knowledge.

28, Mar. 2020

they keep calling all hours

27, Mar. 2020

Having to get up to answer unnecessary phone calls is particularly hard as I am recuperating from a broken hip.

27, Mar. 2020

I haven't asked them to stop calling because it's a recording. They also called 11/30/13

26, Mar. 2020

We should not be receiving any telemarketing calls, especially this early in the morning either.

26, Mar. 2020

Is it not a busnes number or is it a charity?

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