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30, Sep. 2016

This company calls repetitively at least 3 times per week.

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6, Apr. 2015

Hi I would like to keep my name private and where I live private because I am afraid for the safety of myself and of my family, Today this company sent out a technician to my house to power wash my home. When I went to greet the person he seemed intoxicated or under some type of drug. i went back into the house and told my son. I proceeded back out and told the man I was no longer interested he picked up and left. I called the number back of the company and left a voicemail. An hour or so later Kevin called my house and started threatening me and my son and telling me that I would find my sons body laying on the ground with a toe tag outside of my home. I reported this to the police immediately!!!! This man needs to be arrested for the scam company he is running and threatening people!!!

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1, Aug. 2012

These people were soliciting. And I did not appreciate the call because I was still sleepiing!