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10, Sep. 2018

message from card member services.

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31, Jul. 2018

I block that number and it continues all over again .

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31, May. 2018

Unwanted call from an unknown name on 5/30/2018 at 4:07 PM.

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16, Mar. 2018

Please help stop this harrassment .

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20, Feb. 2018

constant calls coming in from different numbers every few mins

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15, Feb. 2018

I got a call from the same number but didn’t answer I blocked 5he number.

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22, Nov. 2017

This company is awful. They have been contacting me for months on my cell phone with no company name or identifier. They always ask if I’m interested in job opportunities, and every time I try to speak, they hang up on me! Every. Single. Time. Which is infuriating. I call back the number, that again has no company name, and they say their customer service representatives are all unavailable and to email them at customerservicein2016@gmail.com - WHAT?!? I have filed two complaints now with the FCC on their unacceptable business practices. This is SPAM and this company needs to be penalized and shutdown for their continuous harassment.

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28, Oct. 2017

calls every 2 days- big pain in the a**

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2, Oct. 2017

Nice. I won a trip. Woohoo. I live in Canada and never entered a sweepstakes in the us. Tracked call from Waltham, Massachusetts. Can't all these companies stop calling 10 times a day? Tracking you callers now. Here are all you spammers SPAM CALLERS Let voicemail pick up call. They never leave a message as they are 98% of time recordings. 205-644-8232 Birmingham, Alabama gift card/phishing scam 208-488-6650 boise, Idaho (Robocall) 208-803-0217 Boise, Idaho SPAM – update your 411 number 214-612-0000 Dallas, Texas 216-609-1433 Cleveland, Ohio 217-970-1721 call originating from Illinois 234-222-9330 Dalton, Ohio - Google ad time share 321-203-1822 from Florida (call regarding Verizon telephone plan) 351-205-0930 Massachusetts (Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell) – Scammer “Press 1 to not receive any calls” 401-293-4387 telemarketing (insurance) in East Greenwhich, Rhode Island 406-221-1764 Butte, Montana 418-445-2248 from Baie Comeau – Haute Rive 418-266-3133 – call center, market research 418-266-3134 – call center, market research 418-623-2040 Telemarketer 450-461-3411 – Anugo – advertising 450-486-7721 Inovision for webtrawling 480-566-7228 call originating from Pheonix, Arixona 484-496-9022 Philadelphia, PA 504-605-2044 New Orleans, Louisiana SCAMMER – bank cards 514-312-7546 – TelekCom – pretends to be La Capitale Credit 514-228-6235 - 411.CA selling their "service" for people who still believe in yellow pages. 518-417-1120 New York (Albany, Schenectady) Robocall 604-333-5111 Richmond, BC Canada 607-319-8766 New York – Scammer 610-601-1249 Pennsylvania (Chester Springs) 619-304-1086 San Diego, CA – Robocall 619-684-7605 found caller on Hodges-directory.us located on Lester Street, San Diego, CA (how are you Michael?) – called 7 times in a row – did not respond. 781-207-9036 Waltham, Massachussetts. Floridean sweepstakes 845-302-1593 New York – Scammer 855-254-6536 855-561-3603 survey 855-216-6362 USA Scammer 859-545-4012 Scam involving web presence. Wanting to log into computer. 888-006-2417 spam - telemarketers 919-343-1000 North Carolina 919-343-1953 North Carolina 984-528-8011 North Carolina – Robocall