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  • Regional statistics: Cambridge, Massachusetts has a population of 101382 that is in a county of 561220 units. The city is in a county that is 824 square miles. 781-205 is available through the regional telephone switch # CMBRMAORDS3 in the Cambridge area.
  • Other cities located around Cambridge: Norwell (781-204) Boston (781-203) Waltham (781-207) Cohasset (781-210)
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26, Jul. 2018

Y,909,8745632,They call you answer and they say mothing

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29, May. 2018

Y,855,6576718,This is the THIRD CALL TODAY!

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8, Mar. 2018

Thank you- Char/Owner Riverside Spring Co.

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3, Nov. 2017

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12, Oct. 2017

Phone call was at 11:25 AM.

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10, May. 2017

I have received 5 calls in the last 24 hours saying the IRS has filed a law suit. The IRS will never contact you via the phone. They contact you via U.S. Mail,

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9, May. 2017

I got three calls today. 781.205.2520, 781.205.2697,line is busy. I also got a call from 202.650.0929,the person answering the phone did not I'd themselves as IRS. When I asked who I was calling Agent John.I was asked to call back tomorrow morning as the IRS office in Washington DC was closing for the night as it was 6 p.m. Interesting thing is I live on the West coast n I call at 717 pm in the evening, which made it 1017 pm in the Evening in Washington DC. The is probably the same jerk that called me 2 years ago. I think this year I will contact my local police department

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8, May. 2017

This number is a phone scam saying the IRS has warrants out for your arrest. Do not call and report to the FCC. It is NOT a legitimate number.

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8, May. 2017

End of the robotic voice message on my voicemail: ...warrant against you. Right now you and your physical property are both being monitored and it's very important that I do hear back from you as soon as possible before we proceed further in any legal manner. My direct call back number is 781-295-4375. (I blocked this number.)

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19, Dec. 2016

I have told them on numerous occassions that there is no Brian and to stop calling but they don't.

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22, Jul. 2015

Very annoying Robo-calls.

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9, Oct. 2013

These recorded calls have been occurring repeatedly over the past few months. I did an internet search on the number and it appears many others have received the same calls. Our number is registered on the do-not-call list.

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3, Jun. 2013

something about continuing your education or some bs

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15, Mar. 2013

Was a voice recorded call. I hit *69 and a person picked up...I told him to take me off this list and that this is illegal..He then started swearing etc..He also called back a minute later from another number.

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29, Jan. 2013

They call, and call, do not leave a message and hang up. Annoying.

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3, Dec. 2012

They called daily. It is harrassment. No messages, just calls.

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29, Nov. 2012

They call everyday and multiple times a day. We have spoken to a party at times and requested that they not call again. Most of the time no one responds at all. This is harrassment and a nuisance.

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19, Nov. 2012

Contacted me a by text said to Y! Messenger them at textiegirl8. fake number