Area Code 778

Additional information:

Area code: 778
State: British Columbia
Country: Canada
14, Dec. 2018

Another spoofed Contact Resource number.

13, Dec. 2018

I got a call from this number, I picked up because I have been getting other nuisance calls and I wanted to tell them off. When I said hello they hung up on me, unbelievable

10, Dec. 2018

Aggravating! Calks at all hours, no message left.

9, Dec. 2018

She called me this morning and asking for my name, but I didn't know this is a scammer and I already give her my information like DOB and address. Is it will affect my credit card?

7, Dec. 2018

Anyone received a telephone call from Costco? Maybe leftover cash?

7, Dec. 2018

This place phones frequently for somebody called Sue. They have gotta stop.

6, Dec. 2018

My IPhone just rang and the number read #. They did not leave a message. Should I answer the telephone ?

2, Dec. 2018

Just think of getting more than 8 cell calls from a rep to inspire me over and over within three weeks. It seems to be unclear to them. I am looking at how to get some advice. The telephone calls have to be discouraged as my schedule has to go on without any disturbance as I have since lost a little money wasting my time without focusing on my job. I am not certain who is responsible for these mobile calls. I alve been trying to contact the company to find out further information without any luck. I was able to get some info about the busines through my mother but I am nlt definite how correct the particulars are.

1, Dec. 2018

Everytime I make this request, they still continue to call me.

30, Nov. 2018

Don't know who it was but sent some random texts

29, Nov. 2018

They have called my house 6x in the last 2 days, I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling me, that we are not interested, to take our name off the calling list.

29, Nov. 2018

They are Islamic and I am afraid they are terrorist.

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