Area Code 775

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Area code: 775
State: Nevada
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2020

Non legible voice calling and waking us up at 4:00am in the morning.

17, Feb. 2020

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16, Feb. 2020

I'ts either someone trying to identify a call or text from your number before they respond. OR It's an ex or stalker or similar that you've blocked or even has a protection order. It does two things for them. Verifies or not that they still have or have found out your original or new number without alerting you. If you have a recorded greeting it allows the obsessed to call and hear your voice anytime they please. Delete that and use the stock canned greeting and that fixes that. Spydialer will ban them and help investigate the caller if it becomes harassment, message them and they will capture and block the callers ip. This will nail them dead to rights if you push an investigation so long as their not using vpn, vps, proxy, etc. in that case they probably will never get caught... The site's very safe from a malware and virus perspective. Try it out on your own phone to see exactly how it works...Here's a clean Virus Total report for the timid. <a title="VirusTotal report for" href="">VirusTotal report for</a>

15, Feb. 2020

citing President Trump.

12, Feb. 2020

No message and calls several times in a day. STOP!!!

11, Feb. 2020

Want me turn my computer on help to cancel computer service and pre-charge $300.on my credit card or check account. which I haven't never prescribe the service. They are sound India accent.. Tel: 210 352 91367 or 775 773 8065.

10, Feb. 2020

Deep voiced man starts talking: This call is from Client Services. We are calling in regards to a file to be prepared for submission against you. (Then a computer voice says : SDF 355) Deep voiced man says: Our next step with this will be address and employment verification for the purposes of locating (Then computer voice said my name) You may call our office directly at 307-448-6728 or again press 2 to be connected immediately. This will serve as a notification by phone .

9, Feb. 2020

They called me 4 times between Friday and Sunday. It was. NV correctional facility and it was an inmate phone call from ‘Austin Day’. Never heard of the person but it’s for sure spam because I tried to call the # back and it goes to some customer service thing.

8, Feb. 2020

This number has been on my cell plan for more than a decade also.

8, Feb. 2020

They made four calls tonight, three of them, no one was there.

7, Feb. 2020

have had info stolen before by staying on and had my phone hacked.

7, Feb. 2020

He called me again and still would not tell me his company name unless I verified my information with him.

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