Area Code 775

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Area code: 775
State: Nevada
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

I received this MMS @ 4,:49 AM EST! ANNOYING!!!

Ann Hoppe
14, Feb. 2019

He is worse than that he hacks frauds robs thievery heartless all about him! Parasitic psycho expects others to take care if him, his wife & children -Shame on you using the State, employers, friends to rob them blind into bankruptcy. You should have gone to prison in CA! You should be ashamed of yourself! RIP Psylvia, Edna & Alan - what a shame I hope you never can be a caregiver again! You financially exploit family friends coworkers employers trust acct anything you can. You are rotten to the core! Hopefully CA is looking into the fraud!

13, Feb. 2019

This message from a different number (206)338-0026 "hi this Is officer lisa Williams and im calling you from the legal department of united states treasury and the purpose of this call is regarding an enforcement action which has been executed by the US treasury department for taxation.." it gave me a case number and told me to call them back to discuss it.

12, Feb. 2019

these guys called me, stated my business adddress and company name, then asked who I am, I asked who are you, he said they verify information for ... bla bla... asked aske what is your company name, he said thanks for your time and hung up. What's the deal?

1, Feb. 2019

scamming on craigslist for a home in sylmar,CA.. I was looking for low income places and around 10 if not all ended up to be scammers all "out of state" wanting you to fill out information without even seeing the property and wanting you to send money in exchange for keys. its sick to take advantage of someone looking for somewhere to stay. I hope they catch whoever it is.

29, Jan. 2019

Called me stating she was from ATT and that I She HAD just received a CALL FROM MY NUMBER.. My phone was in the other room.. no phone call made.

28, Jan. 2019

Recorded call requesting confirmation of address so they can mail out a notice of some sort....perhaps a Collection notice or Court Service order to appear

23, Jan. 2019

I’ve had six calls from this number. Five times dead silence. One time a female voice saying I’ll call you right back!

19, Jan. 2019

This person is listing my home for rent and trying to scam people out of money. Won’t answer when I call.

10, Jan. 2019

Called me over the week to get a quote for solar, which I don't really need.

7, Jan. 2019

Want to confirm my personal info but will not give purpose of call and her company name. Scammer?

4, Jan. 2019

Harassing and trying to force there credit counseling services on you. If you call back it disconnects SCAM or FRAUD

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