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31, May. 2019

Its Dolan Toyota

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5, Aug. 2018

Called at 9:23 PM. Did not answer, no message left.

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4, Jun. 2017

Partial message about a federal court.

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17, Sep. 2016

A robo-call telling me that I have a medical alert device ready to ship.

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16, Sep. 2016

No one but my family has this number and this is the third time a strange number has called it.

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31, Jan. 2016

Keeps calling, but no one on the line when we answer most of the time. Yesterday, I told the person that was on the line to stop calling here. Claimed to be a marketing survey. They are still calling. If you try calling the # , you get the recording that the # is disconnected or no longer in service.

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28, Jan. 2016

Those calls showed New York only in caller I.D.

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12, Mar. 2014

twice today...were told not to call!

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24, Dec. 2013

When I reminded the caller that my number is on the Do Not Call List and asked the caller to add my number to his company's list, he pretended that he couldn't hear me.

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9, Dec. 2013

Somebody keeps calling, no message. Getting really annoyed, I called back back nobody answers.

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9, Sep. 2013

Calls elderly with a scam of a family member. This one goes: Your grandson was in an accident and is currently in jail on DUI charges. I am his atty and need bail wired to me asap. This "Jamie" then gives instructions to wire $1,300. Don't bite. It's a scam!

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1, Aug. 2013

called.....left no message

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16, Jul. 2013

These people have called before. I have this number blocked, but I do not want them calling altogether. Even though my numbers have been on the do not call list forever, they seem to find a way to get them. Someone needs to crack down on these people already. Everybody is getting sick of them. Please stop these people already!

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8, Nov. 2012

These people insist they are not trying to sell anything. When I asked them how they can save me money, they said thank you and hung up on me.

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8, Aug. 2012

They call EVERY night, and hang up when I ask them to remove me from their list. The Do Not Call registry needs to act on this.