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10, Sep. 2019

Multiple calls all day no message left

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21, Aug. 2019

calls from many numbers, never leaves a message.

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13, Mar. 2019

This is but one of 50 or so calls regarding credit card processing every week!

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27, Sep. 2018

The individual they are asking for is not at this number.

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5, Nov. 2017

Caller did not speak to my answering machine, they just hung up.

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6, Oct. 2017

None of my financial institutions would make such a call, and their real name would show up in my caller ID.

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13, Jul. 2016

My number that they called has been on the national DNC list for many years.

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12, Jul. 2016

trying to contact us and don't know if the number calling could be a dr.

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25, Aug. 2015

I informed the person I had just received a call a few minutes earilier.

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4, May. 2013

"Wait for the next available operator". I cannot tell a recording to leave me alone.

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2, May. 2013

this number called about selling a security system in the home.

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5, Jan. 2013

They call me and tell me they have a check for me and sometimes they call and say I've wone the lottery!

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6, Aug. 2012

These people are never there when the call is answered. They wake us up, call late at night and are only interested in harassment. This company should be fined. I have complained to you numerous times in the past, yet, they continue to harass. Why can't the federal government stop this? Do I have to call the police? Do I have to hire a lawyer and sue them myself? Can't you stop them?

John Carroll
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12, May. 2012

calls serveral times a week and no one is every on the other end or now response from caller