Area Code 765

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Area code: 765
State: Indiana
Country: USA
19, Nov. 2018

I was quite disturbed when I heard the news as I knew how uncomfortable my youngest daughter might be. This is her first job as a Project Officer and she was so satisfied with her contract until five weeks ago when all this had hapened. All this is due to a few phone calls coming on her new Phone during the evening from one of her Managers who is currently overseas. Everybody in her organization is aware of the telephone calls and she is highly annoyed as this jerk is a criminal. Now she just doesn't like to face anyone at work anymore as she is aware all are jeopardizing her. There is no necessity for her to leave the workplace.

14, Nov. 2018

My middle aged uncle was ecstatic since last month. My uncle is a bit deaf and never hears the telephone ringing and we eternally have to answer his telephone calls. My uncle is distressed that the agent is not a human but the calls were Robo calls. He just cannot trust us and thinks all of us are annoying him. My uncle is not married and my nephew believes my uncle was taken up with the person who telephoned not knowing that it was only a machine. What a pity!

14, Nov. 2018

I clicked answer, and Made them sit through 40 minutes of "The Alex Jones Prison Experiment" on YouTube... They never hung up, finally I did so I could grab the number, Google it, and here I am...

2, Nov. 2018

Hung up when they called scam

26, Oct. 2018

Calling a no call number. How can they get away with this. This is invasion of privacy!

25, Oct. 2018

Message said the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call 765-575-4876 to find out more about the case! LOL

14, Oct. 2018

Heavy background noise.

Blocked Another One! HA HA!
12, Oct. 2018

My call log registered 11 calls in a minute. NOMOROBO blocked all - I never heard a ring. I'm going to report this dummy & maybe he'll find a real job.

12, Oct. 2018

We were on a Do Not Call list last year and it seems to have expired?

10, Oct. 2018

Calls every day I answered just a minute ago and it was some foreign accent like Indian or Pakistan accent

9, Oct. 2018

These people have called repeatedly.

8, Oct. 2018

They continue to call us as well

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