Area Code 765

Additional information:

Area code: 765
State: Indiana
Country: USA
15, May. 2019

I responded to their recorded message by pressing the button to get a live person.

13, May. 2019

No audible message, just random sounds, but not a fax.

12, May. 2019

I have been receiving calls from this number well over 6 months. Kate says she’s replying to an email I’ve sent in regards to receiving a cash loan. SCAM

11, May. 2019

Likely Scam. Be careful of organizations with philanthropic-sounding names (especially if they sound like legit organizations, they profit from your confusion). This is a national law enforcement alliance, but local and state police say its likely more of a scam. Give to your local and state LE if you want, but these National _______ Organizations are too often a scam.

11, May. 2019

A company claiming to take donations for national police (law enforcement). I'm told very little of the money donated actually leaves the pockets of the business owners. If you want to give to law enforcement, give to the LOCAL beneficent societies. The "National" one is bogus. I could create a business called: "Save all the baby kittens and puppies foundation" to elicit donations; and give little, or no money towards actually helping dogs, or cats.

8, May. 2019

MRivera UPDATED: 3/8/2016 Another # added.

7, May. 2019

Same company, same recorded message that has been calling me for well over a year.

7, May. 2019

They have been told that we are on the national do not call list, but the don't seem to care.

6, May. 2019

Was he calling about an add because he called me also

5, May. 2019

Recording that promises free alert system and groceries.

4, May. 2019

This automated call went to voice mail but left no message.

3, May. 2019

Shortly after purchasing the vehicle, SiriusXM reps began calling to see how I liked the service.

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