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15, Jun. 2019

Fraud organisation claiming to help law enforcement. Likely gives less than 5%, just so they can claim they're not total scammers. Only donate to organizations that YOU contact and are important to YOU. Suspect fraud if people call you, trying to pull heartstrings for: sick puppies, kittens, police, veterans, etc.....

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3, Jun. 2019

Stated they were collecting funds for firefighters in the local area. I asked what area. They said national. They also said they were a non-charitable 527 organization, which means they're political as well. I told them I didn't believe them when they couldn't give me the local area they were soliciting for and hung up.

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11, May. 2019

Likely Scam. Be careful of organizations with philanthropic-sounding names (especially if they sound like legit organizations, they profit from your confusion). This is a national law enforcement alliance, but local and state police say its likely more of a scam. Give to your local and state LE if you want, but these National _______ Organizations are too often a scam.

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11, May. 2019

A company claiming to take donations for national police (law enforcement). I'm told very little of the money donated actually leaves the pockets of the business owners. If you want to give to law enforcement, give to the LOCAL beneficent societies. The "National" one is bogus. I could create a business called: "Save all the baby kittens and puppies foundation" to elicit donations; and give little, or no money towards actually helping dogs, or cats.

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30, Aug. 2018

they hang up as soon as you try to convey you want to be off their call list and not to call again.

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27, Mar. 2018

Assuming it is a scam because I work for the government and American Police Alliance sounds like some made up BS. He said his name and I said "okay" sort of sarcastically and then the phone hung up. It was just really weird. The call was from Alexandria Indiana

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13, Mar. 2018

Incoherent message.

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23, Jan. 2018

Claimed to be with the local police and they were doing their annual fund raising. I said I had already donated to my state police and he hung up.

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18, Jan. 2018

I just am tired of the phone calls that have been coming for years

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2, Oct. 2017

A number of warnings are posted online that this call is related to unsolicited attempts at scamming.