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27, Sep. 2017

Company keeps using different numbers to avoid rules of do not call list.

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5, Aug. 2013

I received a call from a man with a middle-eastern accent so strong that I could barely understand him. He told me my computer was having problems with the main server and asked me to get onto my browser. I work for a computer company and I started playing with him at this point and started asking him more questions than he was asking me. I asked him which browser was having problems and he said, "All of them". I asked which server was having the problem. I asked him what the error code that it was reporting and he hung up on me. Caller-ID said " Unavailable"

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16, Nov. 2012

They call regularly and only have a busy signal when I call them to complain. There is no person when I answer and they say to press a certain number. I am so sick of them!