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13, Jun. 2019

they have been calling off and on for several months, i have requested they take my name off their list.

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12, May. 2019

I have been receiving calls from this number well over 6 months. Kate says she’s replying to an email I’ve sent in regards to receiving a cash loan. SCAM

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27, Mar. 2019

Consumer is receiving phone calls from a company calling themselves Main Law about lowering her mortgage rates.

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20, Sep. 2018

called left no message

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25, Aug. 2018

just called and hung up.

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9, Aug. 2018

Please make them stop calling !

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13, Jul. 2018

I have not done any business or contact with this organization.

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9, Jul. 2018

I reported to you each of these telemarketing calls.

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4, Jul. 2018

Text us about furniture we have for sale on craigslist. wanted to send a check then would pick it up later. Why not check the item out before you buy it. We live in Missouri so it is a bit of a distance to pick up a second hand piece . Told them no thanks, and if he or she texts back they can answer to our neighbor who is a police officer. This phone number is for Indian FYI

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19, Jun. 2018

Lately, they have shifted tactics as this company is now using a local 602 area code number.

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1, May. 2018

DO NOT ANSWER THIS CALL!!! This was an automated robo-call: "Hi, this is Donna from Cardholder services, calling about an important offer about your account..." I then hung up. They are NOT from a credit card company or bank and I highly they're out to steal information from people. The called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List. I got some information from a previous caller, though I don't know if it's accurate: His name: Steve Harris Their address: 247 Green Wood Dragon Atlanta, GA 34875 They previously called me: 3:26 PM 5/1/2018 765-231-8121 4:07 PM 4/13/2018 818-791-1807 9:15 AM 3/5/2018 501-406-3995 2:03 PM 1/29/2018 405-544-0067 11:12 AM 1/15/2018 407-262-6473 1:07 PM 12/19/2017 407-210-3568 10:53 AM 11/17/2017 870-759-3634 11:46 AM 11/3/2017 818-958-2215 10:53 AM 10/12/2017 530-279-6648 4:11 PM 3/21/2017 407-212-2247

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10, Apr. 2018

stop wasting my time calling me and not talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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27, Feb. 2018

Buy the time my husband picked up, the caller disconnected.

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9, Dec. 2017

The recorded calls continue.

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16, Feb. 2017

I listened to this entire recording and selected the option for them to remove me from their lists.

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19, Sep. 2016

Robo caller Calls every two hours, no message left.

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10, Aug. 2013

trying to get me to buy from them.

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29, Dec. 2012


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25, Nov. 2012

I just got a text from this number saying, "hi MacKenzie" Reply,"Hi! Who's this?" 2nd Reply: "Sorry, who is this?" No response yet.