Area Code 760

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Area code: 760
State: California
Country: USA
15, Dec. 2018

What came first Lucia, recess or you opening your legs for anyone with a dollar. No wonder your parents kicked you out, they didn’t want a 12 year old MOTHER as their daughter. Neither did her next 4 husband’s. 💋💋💋

14, Dec. 2018

Next. What ROBYN VALLO-DAVIS says violating underage Children she was teaching while employeed @BSUD. What came first the inmate status or Robyn Davis High education🤔 Let us catch up with you in Hesperia/Victorville/ Apple valley/ Barstow/or anywhere. You won't have will never have time to post anything.❤️. We will see who's AFRAID.💋💋

13, Dec. 2018

This number has been calling me non-stop for over a month. I filed a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry and blocked them using my iPhone application.

12, Dec. 2018

Left literally a 4 second, unintelligible message.

10, Dec. 2018

Got a message sent. Was curious and followed instructions. Nothing. Are they fishing. Here’s what it says; People are going to say ?Whhaaatt?? $10/month for cellular service (unlimited TALK, TEXT & DATA*)! Reply INFO or YES to find out more or stop to opt-out.

6, Dec. 2018

One of these lowlife guys called me. today 12-6-18. Same line of BS. I listened carefully in the background and heard a small roomful of people taking, apparently on their phones to other prospective victims. Wanted me to call this number back and allow him access when I got home. I told him that I presumed he loved his mother and that she was still alive. Then I asked him if he would be OK with it if the group he is working for called her and told her the same thing. He did pause and think about it for a few seconds, then continued the lies. Who knows, maybe his mother is the pit boss in the control room!

5, Dec. 2018

The message says I need to return a device. I haven't had an AT&T phone for over 12 years.

5, Dec. 2018

Please STOP calling.

5, Dec. 2018

This collector phoned a trillion times over the last couple of days and insisted on talking to my son. I was not able to believe what I was listening to. I told him to cease phoning. Now I just yell into the phone.

5, Dec. 2018

Jesus. Another telephone call from Continental Central Credit. They better stop phoning. We do not give her the phone now as she is scared over these calls. She has started getting up suddenly in the night. Who would you think would sort this out? The creeps! It is child molestation at its best!

4, Dec. 2018

My favorite uncle was elated since last Thursday. He lives with me and these mobile calls have become a bother to all of us. We managed to get some details about the person who calls. He just can’t trust us and thinks we are annoying him. My uncle is not married and all of us believe he was obsessed with the caller not knowing that it was only a recording. What a pity!

4, Dec. 2018

Claimed to be with the IRs & told me to have me or my attorney return their call regarding a lawsuit. I call Bull Shot on this. The IRS contacts you through the United States Mail.

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