Area Code 754

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Area code: 754
State: Florida
Country: USA
27, Feb. 2020

Computer & technical support

27, Feb. 2020

My mother received a call from a number (0302 9581620). He was asking for a 6 digit code that she received from whatsapp. Yes that was whatsapp verification code. Then she let me talk to him. And he was saying "have you registered your phone to PTÁ in 2020?" I replied "no". Then he asked for that I code. I checked his number and the verification code senders. That was not from PTA in anyway. Whatsapp verification code! I started shouting "why you're calling me from your personal number? Call me from PTA's official number and I'll provide information. Now go f@#$ yourself". And then I hunged up the call. After thinking about this call and doing some research. I got that he was trying to access whatsapp but he needed that 6 digit code. That's why he was asking for that. Probably a stupid hacker.

20, Feb. 2020

I live in Turkey and this number called me when I was at school. So I couldn't answer it and not sure what to do 🤷‍♀️

10, Feb. 2020

Then I could claim my grant money from the Western Union store.

4, Feb. 2020

Told me in a text message I was a fit for Book and gave a address.Never dealt with anyone in the Broward County, Florida area. Did not click on the link, no idea who they are and assume it is someone trying to sell me something or scam me.

28, Jan. 2020

Calls several times a day without leaving messages

28, Jan. 2020

Calls with no message

23, Jan. 2020

Number has called before.

20, Jan. 2020

Sunrise Credit Services

6, Jan. 2020

This was a recorded call, and they have called me about 20 times before.

3, Jan. 2020

Wants to buy my “mobile home park” which I don’t own such property

30, Dec. 2019

I told them to tell management to check the do not call list first.

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