Area Code 754

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Area code: 754
State: Florida
Country: USA
13, Feb. 2019

Very rude and condescending. Called twice consecutively.

8, Feb. 2019

Fait 3 mois vois prenez argents dans mon compte

Asked for my husband
5, Feb. 2019

Said it was a recorded line and dodnt say where she was from or who it was

31, Jan. 2019

It was Chewy to update about an out of stock item. Youre a fucking idiot. Not Spam

7, Jan. 2019

Dangerouse black man.Scams for fake health insurance. Threatened to kill me gor saying no

7, Jan. 2019

je n'ai aucune information de ce numéro et pourquoi on m'appelle. veuillez m'expliquer si possilble

12, Dec. 2018

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5, Dec. 2018


4, Dec. 2018

It is an unknown number....Its callme again n again..what should i do.....??

3, Dec. 2018

I am uncertain how he became my contact but we have ben conversing for more than a year. He has now become a worry to me as he has started giving telephone calls to me every Wednesday after 11.30 pm. How he managed to get my telephone number still remains a mystery. Since of late the telephone chats are becoming rather too personal to my liking and although I have told him quite sternly that I do not welcome his calls he just ignores my wishes. I don’t like the company querying about the phone calls coming after office hours. I have always had a very good record and I am definitely not going to damage my career because of these phone calls from this jerk.

They called asking for services, but they did not respond when I informed them of my booking procedure. A colleague noted that upon meeting, he did NOT show up. Avoid.

1, Dec. 2018

The calls have been at random times and since I have caller ID I have not answered any of them but they are very annoying.

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