Area Code 740

Additional information:

Area code: 740
State: Ohio
Country: USA
17, Feb. 2020

I have tried to tell them not to call but there is no person.

8, Feb. 2020

late morning to early afternoon.

6, Feb. 2020

Fairfield county jail inmate call.

5, Feb. 2020

It is harassment and it needs to stop.

5, Feb. 2020

Sent text “go away”

5, Feb. 2020

This is quite disturbing, so please find out who is doing this.

1, Feb. 2020

Press 1 to talk to a rep or 9 to opt out.

29, Jan. 2020

Call was a survey asking for the youngest person at the telephone number.

27, Jan. 2020

A man asked me to give him my address so he could bring me the "20 pizzas" I order. After I told him I didn't order anything. He got really upset because I wouldn't give him my address!

22, Jan. 2020

This is not a research company, they want to sell you a vacation time-share.

22, Jan. 2020

This number has been calling me non-stop telling me I make good payments on my credit cards I don't have credit card payments and I told him not to call yet they have persisted I got 17 calls from him in one day you guys need to put a stop to this I mean Jesus criminy this is getting ridiculous got these robocalls for going to stop what a scam

20, Jan. 2020

when do you stop these people!

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